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18 November 2019
As soon as I opened up the ‘Santa Paws’ December Box from Gus & Bella, I knew that I, but mostly my cat Eponine, were in for a treat!

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

Beautifully presented within a compact cardboard box (which Eponine also appreciated), was a great variation of little gifts for my cat, and myself – there was actually a perfect amount for both of us to enjoy, as there were five gifts for the cat, and four for myself.

The first thing I took out of the box was a lovely ‘Rudy Reindeer’ cat teaser toy, a nice touch for Christmas. Eponine is still trying to suss Rudy out, but I’m sure she’ll learn to love him!

The other gifts for the cat included: a gingerbread man or woman catnip toy, two tins of HiLife it’s only natural cat food, (the tuna flavour went down a storm, and was gone in under two minutes flat), and a packet of Blink! Bangers and Mash treats, which I think are Epi’s favourite gift from the whole box.

The gifts for the cat owner included: a packet of Candy Kittens wild strawberry gourmet sweets, which were a nice little treat for myself, a cute cat bauble from Sass & Belle, which will be going on my Christmas tree this year, a set of three pairs of cat-themed socks, and a sweet ‘Merry Catmas’ Christmas card, featuring a little black cat in a stocking – which I think my boyfriend will be getting from the cat this year!

Overall, I think a subscription of £26.95 a month is actually pretty good value for what you receive inside each box. As the items inside my ‘Santa Paws’ box must be the equivalent of at least this price, if not more, and is packed full of high-quality items, such as the socks, which I wasn’t expecting to see inside.

You obviously also get the luxury of having the box delivered directly to your door, and the satisfaction of knowing that you and your best friend will be getting a nice little surprise each month. Or if you're looking for a unique gift for the cat-lover in your life, a One-Off Box would be the purrfect present.

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Try out your own

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Or use the discount code YOURCATMAG25 to receive 25% off your first subscription box, which is easy to cancel or modify at any time - enjoy!

The Facts

Pre-order your own 'Santa Paws' box:

Buy from:

Cost: Monthly subscription is £26.95 + £2.95 postage.

Comes with: Nine quality items; five for your cat (two toys and natural food samples and treats), and four for human.

CLICK HERE to join the Gus & Bella mailing list, where you can find out more about their cat and human subscription boxes.

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