Product review: 'Santa Paws Gift Box' from My Cat Grass


11 November 2021
Having previously tried out the Ready Grown Cat Grass and Cat Grass Station from My Cat Grass, I was excited to see that they have also put together their own Christmas gift box full of fantastic festive goodies for your cat.

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

The My Cat Grass ‘Santa Paws Gift Box’ is packed full to the brim with tasty treats and intriguing toys for your cat(s), containing 10 products, consisting of 25 items in total – your cat is bound to be thrilled! The first item that Epi was drawn to was the pack of Festive Mix Dreamies, one shake of the bag and she came running.

Next, she spotted the Festive Cat Teaser Toy, another favourite in this household. The other toys inside the box include a pack of three Festive Mice on a Rope, and a twin pack of Festive Cat Toys, including a plush Christmas pudding and a jingle bell ball. Great for burning off your cat's Christmas energy!

This gift box has a huge variety of different cat-appropriate festive food and treats, and even if you have a fussy feline, you’re bound to find something they’ll love. The selection of Webbox goodies are always a welcome surprise, as Epi has only recently tried the Lick-e-Lix cream pouches, and seems to have found a taste for them! The Turkey Mousse Christmas Dinner will be saved for over the Christmas period, and I’m sure the Tasty Sticks with Turkey and Cranberry will be enjoyed throughout December.

There is also a generous-sized Stocking Filler Box from My Pets, which includes three bags of cat treats (Dental Mix 50g, Hairball Mix 50g, and Medley Mix 50g). These would definitely be a cute addition to your cat’s Christmas stocking, if this is something you usually put together for them.

Lastly, there are a couple of Cat Grass products, for a healthy New Year. There’s one My Cat Grass Grow Your Own Kit and one Premium, Organic Cat Grass Seed Pouch, alongside clear instruction leaflets, so you can have a go at growing your own premium-quality cat grass at home. Personally, I can’t wait to have a go with these, as Epi previously loved the Ready Grown Cat Grass, and there are so many benefits of cat grass, such as helping to deal with furballs, preventing constipation, and encouraging water intake.

Overall, I think this Santa Paws Gift Box from My Cat Grass is great value for money. With all of the quality items you get inside it would be the purrfect way to spoil your kitty this Christmas! Plus, it doesn’t require a subscription, and is a rather large box (which your cat will also love).

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Try out your own

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The Facts

Order your own 'Santa Paws Gift Box':

‘Products may be subject to change depending on stock/supply. Please check the website using the link above for current details.’

Buy from:

Cost: £25.99 + £3.20 postage.

Comes with: 10 products consisting 25 items of cat appropriate festive food, toys, and treats.

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