Product review: The BrushPod from Kuba & Leia


15 March 2021
Does your cat hate to be brushed? Do they start running when they see you grab their usual brush? If you answered yes, then the BrushPod from Kuba & Leia could be just the thing you're looking for, to help make their hate for grooming a thing of the past!

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

The BrushPod® arrived in lovely, sleek packaging and all of the necessary tools were inside a handy storage container. Not only is the actual brush included, but as part of the tool kit you also receive a pair of soft-touch claw clippers, a laser toy which has three modes (a red dot for playtime, a torch, and a UV light to uncover any urine spots in the house), and a cylinder of their fresh, special blend catnip to put inside the brush.

As soon as I opened up the box and started taking out the different items, Epi was immediately intrigued. I think she could smell the catnip! As she starting rubbing her head all over the box.

I opened up the cap on the top of the brush and sprinkled in a few bits of catnip. I started out with just a small sprinkle, as Epi seems to react differently to different types of catnip. I noticed that the brush head was extremely good quality, it felt like something you would want to use on your own hair! The brush is made up of a soft elastomer, which makes it soft, strong, and safe for cats.

I was a little worried that when I started to use the brush the catnip might fall out and create a mess, but the BrushPod® has a unique mesh system that prevents the catnip from getting onto your cat, so it’s totally mess-free. Also, the proximity of catnip to the bristles in the brush head, will give most cats a wonderful euphoric experience!

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Epi is very nervous and aware of new things, and doesn’t usually like to be brushed, which has always been an issue, as she moults quite a lot. I left the brush (filled with the catnip) out for a couple of hours so she could have a sniff of it and get used to it, and after a couple of failed attempts she lay down and let us brush her. I think she even secretly enjoyed it!

The other tools inside the kit are great too, although we haven’t used the clippers yet, the laser toy has been a firm favourite. I will definitely carry on using the BrushPod® for grooming Epi, as it has been one of the only pet brushes we’ve ever been able to successfully use for more than a minute, and after a few more sessions, it will hopefully become our go-to product.

The BrushPod® is described as the world's first catnip brush and toolkit. Designed to be your go-to companion for grooming and playtime, and even the most anti-being-brushed moggy can't resist! I definitely agree with this, and would 100% recommend the BrushPod® from Kuba & Leia to any cat owner who is struggling to find the right brush for grooming, as it's a high-quality, beautifully designed product, with a fantastic value price tag.

Try out your own

Visit the Kuba & Leia website and use the discount code YOURCAT15 at the checkout, to get 15% OFF your very own BrushPod®.

The Facts

Buy from:

Cost: £35.00 including postage and packaging.


  • The BrushPod® grooming brush.
  • Cylinder of special blend, fresh catnip.
  • Soft-touch claw clippers.
  • 3 in 1 Laser Toy.
  • Storage container for kit.
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