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Cat product reviews

We aim to feature and review new, exciting, and interesting cat products — all tried and tested by the Your Cat office cats.

Product review: ‘Best Cat Mum’ box from Gus & Bella
As many of us cat lovers will agree, we don’t just think of our cats as our pets, but they are our fur babies, and…
Product review: ‘Take Meowt’ box from Gus & Bella
If you’re looking for the purrfect gift for your cat-loving Valentine, or you just want to treat yourself and your cat…
Product review: ‘Santa Paws’ box from Gus & Bella
As soon as I opened up the ‘Santa Paws’ December Box from Gus & Bella, I knew that I, but mostly my cat Eponine, were in…
Product review: Yaheetech Cat Tree
My other half and I, and especially our two excitable kittens, were excited to test out the Yaheetech Cat Scratching…
Product review: Maya Nook luxury indoor cat house
We were happy to test out the new Maya Nook luxury indoor cat house from Omlet.
Litter Robot review
Product review for the Cat Litter Robot - how much would you pay for a self-cleaning litter system?