Remember cats in your will


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08 September 2014
Paws for thought and leave a legacy to cats this week.This week (September 8 to 12) is Cats Protection's Remember a Charity Week and the charity is urging animal lovers to remember cats in their will.Just two cats who have benefitted from one person leaving a donation to Cats Protection in their will are Proton (pictured above) and brother Electron who are currently residing at Cats Protection's Horsham and District branch. They have been able to enjoy temporary shelter in this custom-built pen whilst waiting to be adopted thanks to the stipulations in the individual's will.Every gift the charity receives is a real life-changer for unwanted cats, and more than half of the charity's 46,000 cat adoptions are purely funded by the kindness of people who remembered the charity in their will.Also, consider who will lo
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