RSPCA Cat Hub in Darlington welcomes rare arrivals


01 April 2021
A black and white cat called April has made history after she laid three eggs, one black, one black and white, and one tortoiseshell.

The proud mum-to-be is taking the new arrivals in her stride after the three eggs appeared underneath her this morning.

Rehoming co-ordinator Sophie Moran-Barker at the RSPCA Cat Hub, said: “Cases of egg-laying cats are extremely rare, but there is a little-known Australian breed of cat – Follporia Catus - which is believed occasionally to revert to producing eggs rather than live young. This phenomenon happens only in early Spring, in fact, all previous reports are dated 1 April.”

The charity has been thrilled to welcome the rare arrivals into their care in what is believed to be a UK first. The staff are now giving April and her eggs round-the-clock care and keeping a close eye on them in the hope that they will hatch very soon.

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For more information about egg-laying cats, please visit the RSPCA’s advice pages on the website:

The RSPCA Cat Hub is supported by four RSPCA local branches.  Based in Darlington, it is administered by the RSPCA Darlington and District Branch. The Cat Hub is one of the most successful rehoming centres in the country finding happy homes for 300 cats and kittens a year.

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