RSPCA launches appeal for baby socks to help the animals in their care


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24 January 2020
RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital has launched an adorable appeal for baby socks to help animals recovering from operations.

Using tiny socks on animal’s paws can help them stay warm as they recover from anaesthetic as they lose a lot of heat through their pads.

All animals can benefit from this including dogs and even rabbits.  

The photos above show two stray cats brought into the hospital for operations. Billy (black and white) was neutered and x-rayed at Putney, and Mr Magoo (ginger) has an infected paw which has to be redressed every few days.

The hospital has even used socks to make little jumpsuits for tiny orphaned kittens, as hand-reared kittens can sometimes try to suckle on each other which can lead to soreness.

Emma Turner, ward supervisor at Putney, said: “We are running low on baby socks for the animals here and would be very grateful for any spares people may have at home.

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“Any keen knitters out there can help as knitted socks are great too.

“We can use socks for all sorts of purposes - to help animals retain heat as they come around from operations, and we have even turned them into little jumpers for our tiny orphaned kittens.”

If you can help please send to Putney Animal Hospital, 6 Clarendon Drive, London, SW15 1AA.