Self-confessed mad cat lady launches dating app to help you find fellow ‘cat people’


18 May 2023
Cat people are kindred spirits and a new dating app is helping bring them together!  

Those who want to find a partner, or make new friends, who love cats as much as they do, might have a hard time finding fellow ‘cat people’ on the various dating and friendship apps out there. But now, a brand-new app from a self-confessed “mad cat lady” might just make it easier to find a partner who is just as cat mad as themselves! 

For Madeleine Murray, from Paisley in Renfrewshire, her whole life has revolved around cats since she was just a child: “When I was a wee girl, I used to push my cat Suzie around in a pram, I’ve always loved cats,” she said. “I’ve always been drawn to them and growing up, it was my dream to have my own cattery, but back in those days, there wasn’t the same opportunities.” 

A new career 

Madeleine was a nurse for more than 30 years before she had to have a change of direction due to a back issue six years ago which made it impossible for her to continue. Even during her years of nursing, she said her heart was always set on cats. 

“While I was recovering from my back problems, I was thinking of how I could make my dreams a reality — and Madeleine’s Moggies popped into my head.” 

And that was how Madeleine’s cat sitting business was born in 2017, offering to look after people’s cats in their own homes, and her business grew and grew. 

She has become something of a figure in the community and is nicknamed Auntie Madeleine, or ‘Mrs Doubtfire for cats’, and has found herself becoming a social worker and hearing all people’s problems, a friend, a counsellor, and more. 

“We’ve gone from strength to strength since then, and I’ve got so many stories from my clients over the years,” she laughed. 

Madeleine recalls one story of one couple who had saved up for years to go on holiday to Barbados to get married, and it was only once they flew to the Caribbean Island that the couple realised they’d left their documents at home — and Madeleine had to save the day! 

“They were frantic and begged me to help, and luckily I was able to email their documents over to them.” 

Her change of career, she said, was the best thing that ever happened to her. 

“It only took me to reach the age of 50 to figure out what my dream job was and start doing it!” 

And Madeleine’s love of cats was about to see yet another brainwave which would benefit the entire cat world… 

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Finding the purr-fect partner 

Already something of a matchmaker, Madeleine has hooked up many friends and family with their dream partners, and wondered if there was something out there to offer a dating service for cat lovers — and discovered a gap in the market. 

Madeleine describes herself and her cats, Angel and Tiger-lily, as coming as a package, as many cat owners would, and said that while many people do love cats and would be fine dating someone with a cat, not everyone would feel the same. 

“Me and my cats come as a package deal but I do know that not everyone loves cats, and it was on my wedding anniversary in 2022 that I had a huge epiphany and said: ‘I’m going to do it!’ I’ll make a dating app for people with cats!’” 

Not just for people looking for love, Cat Cupid offers lonely people with cats the chance to search for friendships too, and has a unique twist in that cat lovers can supply a short video to introduce themselves.  

“It’s completely different from normal dating apps. Often you go to meet someone you’ve met on an app and they look nothing like their photo,” Madeleine said. “But our app encourages people to upload a Tik-Tok style video on Cat Cupid so you can see exactly who you’re talking to — and you can introduce your cat as well!” 

Madeleine said that many of her cat-sitting clients have loved the idea of the app and have said they’re just disappointed they got married before the app was launched! 

“I said I wanted to invent something that is unconventional and help people to find love.” 

Madeleine teamed up with Branding Boutique’s director — the fittingly named Kat Cohen — to brand Cat Cupid, and the app is due to be released soon.  

“I'm already thinking 10 years into the future, when people who downloaded the app introduce me to the children they had with the partner they found on Cat Cupid!” Madeleine said. 

Helping the cats too 

Being a crazy cat lady, Madeleine’s Cat Cupid app will also see a portion of the profits going to cat charities both local and national, and Madeleine eventually wants to launch her own cat welfare fund.  

“When people sign up, they know that not only are they helping themselves to find someone, but also helping cats throughout the world. I want to be able to help throughout the world, but will start with the UK.” 

Despite becoming something of an icon in the cat world in Scotland, Madeleine said she’s “just a girl who loves cats!” 

Cat Cupid will be available to download on Apple, Amazon, and all major providers shortly. 

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