Shetland Cat Rescue rehomes kitten born to feral colony


21 February 2023
Your Cat Good Causes helped set up Shetland Cat Rescue by paying for their rehoming licence, as to be legally able to rehome and help cats, they needed a licence. This has enabled them to save another ex-feral kitten from the cold, hard, hungry life of a feral cat.

Toby was born into a feral cat colony on Unst, the most northerly island in Shetland. His mother took him to the garden of the colonies feeder, where his two siblings had already been trapped, then tamed and homed.

On the first of September, Toby was also trapped. He went to his fosterer the next day, where he was put into a large pen in her cat room. The Shetland Cat Rescue fosterer spent as much time as possible in there with Toby, who was about four months old. She slept in there, read to him, watched DVD’s with him, and after a couple of days, she could stroke him and had let him out of the pen, to have the freedom of the room.

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Slowly, Toby learnt to trust the fosterer and her partner. He became just a tiny bit friendlier every day. He became friends with another kitten, from the same colony, who had been trapped and fostered a little bit earlier than Toby was. The two of them made quite a team. Playing with noisy toys and banging toy balls against the wall in the early hours and between them, they devised a way to open the door by one of them jumping up at the handle, whilst the other somehow pulled the door towards himself.

After a few weeks, to progress their socialisation, they were allowed into more of the house. Toby was neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. He had never lived near a road, so a quiet, rural home was needed for him.

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Toby has just gone to his new, permanent home. He will live with two other young  cats, who originally came from the same island. Although he will be bewildered at this change in his life, he will soon settle into his new home.

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