Take on the 2.6 Challenge to help animals in need


23 April 2020
Organisers of the UK's major mass-participation events, including the London Marathon, have launched the 2.6 Challenge campaign to help charities raise some much-needed money.

The week-long challenge kicks off on Sunday, April 26, when the London Marathon would have held its 40th annual event, and simply asks participants to complete a challenge based around the number 2.6 or 26.

The Virgin Money London Marathon alone is the world’s biggest one-day fundraising event, which raised more than £66.4 million for thousands of charities in 2019, and is a vital source of income for many charities.

How can I get involved with the 2.6 Challenge?

The best thing about the 2.6 Challenge is that it can be any activity you like that suits your particular skills. From jogging 2.6 miles around your local area, or taking your pet for a 26-minute walk, to baking 26 of your favourite cookies, or drawing 26 different pets – whatever your age or ability, you can take part.

The #TwoPointSixChallenge is your chance to be a Home Hero and raise funds from your very own living room, bedroom, balcony, or garden! 

There are no rules – apart from the Government guidelines on how to exercise safely during this time. The main thing is to get active, have fun, pledge whatever you can to help, or fundraise to save the UK’s charities.

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What can I do to get involved with the 2.6 Challenge?

Here’s some ideas of what you could do:

  • Run 2.6 miles
  • Go for a 26-minute walk (you could even do it wearing a cat onesie, or cat-themed clothes)
  • Bake 26 of your favourite cookies or cakes (or 26 of your cat’s favourites)
  • Draw 26 pictures of cats
  • Do some gardening for 26 minutes
  • Play fetch with your dog 26 times

Here's some ideas for which charities you could support: 

  • Battersea
  • iCatCare
  • Cats Protection 
  • Mayhew
  • PDSA
  • Blue Cross
  • Bath Cats and Dogs Home
  • Woodgreen
  • Pets As Therapy

You can donate money to any charity that you wish - big or small. 

What do I need to do now?

You can choose to either donate an amount of money directly to your chosen charity, or you can fundraise for your favourite charity, by getting your friends and family to sponsor you.

All you need to do now is head to www.twopointsixchallenge.co.uk to find ideas and inspiration from what other people are doing, choose your #TwoPointSixChallenge, click on the ‘donate or fundraise’ buttons to save your chosen charity, then complete your challenge.

Let us know how you get on, and who you are supporting!

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What are other people doing for the 2.6 Challenge?

Cat does his own 'mogathon'

Mycroft the RSPCA rescue cat, who belongs to Amanda Jones, from Horsham, West Sussex, is doing his own mini marathon in aid of the charity. The gorgeous moggy will attempt to complete 2.6 laps of the block as part of his ‘mogathon’ to raise money for the challenge.