The revolutionary product that will eliminate your cat litter stench immediately!


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24 February 2022
(Loved by over 10,000 UK cat owners) Cat owners across the UK have become obsessed with this new “hanging pendant” they claim will “turn your cat into a unicorn who poops roses!”

If you’re one of the thousands of cat owners who cannot live a moment longer with the stench of a smelly odour-filled home, then this revolutionary product by Moodify Pet will certainly answer your prayers.

See, having cats at home brings with it companionship, love, company while adding that “family” atmosphere at home (even if you live alone)...

However one of the top complaints from cat owners is that the smell of dirty cat litter is overtaking their home.  To make matters worse, perhaps you’re a cat owner who’s a little embarrassed to have guests into your home?  Plus, if you live with someone, it can cause tension if the other person can’t smell it or is “used” to it?

With Moodify Pet, you just hang the pendant and the smell goes away!

Ever imagine coming home after a long day knowing that the moment you step through the front door, you’re hit with a fresh, odour-free smell?

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Well, that reality is here. With Moodify Pet, you’ll no longer have those days where you come in resenting your little feline friend(s) for the unwelcoming stink. Best of all, your cat won’t even know it’s there.

Moodify Pet means you will no longer smell nasty cat odours!

It's based on patented scent-cancelling technology. It's basically a pendant that you hang above your furry friend’s litter tray around the nose height of an average person. And the smell is gone within minutes!  It’s made of clay and infused with a unique malodour control solution!

Get a long-lasting, effective and proven solution for getting rid of cat litter smell.

Just hang it above the litter tray and the smell is gone within minutes.

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