The RSPCA is seeking a special home for a cat who lost his ears to skin cancer


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29 March 2023
Harry is currently under the care of RSPCA Canterbury and District Branch and the Kent North West Branch, while he waits for a new home after four months of surgery and recovery.

Sadly, as is common in white cats, Harry had cancer on the skin of his ear tips. Fortunately, surgery has successfully removed it and he is now on the road to recovery. He also had to have surgery for entropion, where the eyelids grow inwards, but thankfully his eyes have healed nicely.

Tara Luxford, from the RSPCA Canterbury branch, said: “Harry has been through so much in the last four months but he’s now almost ready for a new home.

“Throughout all the surgery, treatment and poking and prodding, wearing a cone for days and days at a time, Harry has been nothing but tolerant and a true delight and he even purrs when he gets his medication.

“We want to find a luxurious home for him so he can learn about the finer things in life after months of treatment. We would love for him to have a home without other cats or dogs, however he could live with older children.”

The centre believe Harry will settle into the purr-fect new home with ease.

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Tara added: “Harry is spotlessly clean and uses his litter tray impeccably. He's also very gentle, chilled and affectionate. He's a lap cat and loves to sleep on the bed.

“Harry is a little shy of new people but settles quickly. He loves his meal times, is easy to handle and easy to medicate although hopefully won’t need to do so once he's all healed up! This boy is a true joy and will make such a lovely pet.”

If you’re interested in adopting Harry, visit the Canterbury branch’s website for contact details.