The Your Cat Christmas gift guide: Part one


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08 November 2020
Christmas is coming — so we’re giving you gift inspiration for the cats in your life!

Cats are part of the family and are becoming increasingly a part of our festive celebrations. So, there’s no doubt most of us will be buying our kitties presents for the big day! If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, what are you waiting for? Top of the list, your feline friend!

Cat Advent Calendar

The Scrumbles Cat Advent Calendar is the purr-fect way to get your kitty into the festive spirit by counting down to Christmas together. The calendar is packed full of functional and tasty treats, including dental cat treats and anti-hairball treats, hidden behind the pretty windows. All the treats are made in the UK with all-natural and responsibly-sourced ingredients, meaning they are kind to tummies and the planet. You’ll just need to remember to keep the calendar out of reach of your feline friend so they don’t demolish more than one window each day!
WHERE TO BUY: Available directly from; from online retailers Fetch, Ocado, Amazon; as well as independent pet shops.

'Cats Home Alone' guide

Mental stimulation is a vital part of life for cats, particularly indoor cats who don’t roam and spend lots of time at home without you. Well renowned for their extensive manuals and guides, publishing company Haynes has released the ideal advice book for such cat owners. ‘Cats Home Alone’ helps you create fun activities, sleeping nests, and dens to keep your pet stimulated, exercised, and happy while you’re out. Discover how to make cat toys and practical furniture, and organise your home to be feline friendly — even the more experienced cat owner will find new inspiration!
PRICE: £12.99

Relaxing technologies

2020 has certainly been a different year for us all, including our cats. Pet Trade Innovations has a range of products to help with your cat’s stress levels and to help them relax. The relaxopet PRO is a subliminal device that sends signals through the fur into their nervous system creating a
more relaxed pet.
PRICE: £69.90 for relaxopet PRO
WHERE TO BUY: To find out more about the RelaxoPet and other exclusive cat products please visit

Natural cat treats

Eating delicious food is one of the highlights of the Christmas holidays for owners, so it is only right our cats get to enjoy tasty treats too! Pet Munchies cat treats are award-winning, with the premium-quality range of 100 per cent natural, gourmet, freeze-dried cat treats being made from the finest ingredients. Coming in three flavours of gourmet fish fillet, gourmet chicken liver, and gourmet beef liver, the treats are hypo-allergenic, easily digestible, and are healthy too — they are packed with vitamins and minerals, including omega 3, antioxidants, calcium, and selenium.
PRICE: from £1.40 a pack
WHERE TO BUY: Online retailers and good pet shops. For more information about the treats, visit

Honeysuckle cat toys

Voted ‘Best Toy’ in the 2019 Your Cat Magazine Product Awards, cats love to play with Honeysuckle Cat Toys. Made from fragrant Tatarian honeysuckle wood, the smell brings out the playful side of your cat and he will love to hug, kick, rub, and drool on these brilliant toys. The original Honeysuckle Cat Toy is completely unique as the size and shape of the toy depends on the branch of the tree they are taken from. They offer wonderful enrichment and a great alternative to catnip.
PRICE: from £4.95

Feline hideout and lounger

Give your feline friend a Christmas gift that is out of this world! Your cat will love this three-level hideout and lounger which is shaped like a rocket. Available in blue or grey, it can be combined with the Vesper tunnel to create their own space station! Made with high quality fabric, the Rocket is comfortable for cats and easy to fold and store. Use code YCCR10 to save 10 per cent off this item! Offer available until 31st December 2020.
PRICE: £39.95

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