The Your Cat Christmas gift guide: Part two


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13 November 2020
Have you bought your cat a Christmas present yet? Here’s some great gift ideas for your feline friend!

Most cat owners will be spoiling their feline friend and getting them a present this year. Our kitties may not understand what Christmas is, but they’ll definitely enjoy a gift! So what will you get your cat? Here’s some inspiration…

Digital pet feeder

This is the latest in cat feeding tech
and the perfect Christmas present for the cat that has everything. Integrated scales let you accurately weigh each food serving, plus used with the Sure Petcare app, monitor how much your pet eats and identify changes in feeding behaviour, which may indicate a change in your pet’s health. The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect works with your pet’s existing microchip to prevent other pets stealing food and ensure you can keep up to date with your cat’s diet.
PRICE: from £115

Natural cat treats

Eating delicious food is one of the highlights of the Christmas holidays for owners, so it is only right our cats get to enjoy tasty treats too! Pet Munchies cat treats are award-winning, with the premium-quality range of 100 per cent natural, gourmet, freeze-dried cat treats being made from the finest ingredients. Coming in three flavours of gourmet fish fillet, gourmet chicken liver, and gourmet beef liver, the treats are hypo-allergenic, easily digestible, and are healthy too — they are packed with vitamins and minerals, including omega 3, antioxidants, calcium, and selenium.
PRICE: from £1.40 a pack
WHERE TO BUY: Online retailers and good pet shops. For more information about the treats, visit

'Cats Home Alone' guide

Mental stimulation is a vital part of life for cats, particularly indoor cats who don’t roam and spend lots of time at home without you. Well renowned for their extensive manuals and guides, publishing company Haynes has released the ideal advice book for such cat owners. ‘Cats Home Alone’ helps you create fun activities, sleeping nests, and dens to keep your pet stimulated, exercised, and happy while you’re out. Discover how to make cat toys and practical furniture, and organise your home to be feline friendly — even the more experienced cat owner will find new inspiration!
PRICE: £12.99

Grow your own cat grass kits

Did you know 72 per cent of cats eat cat grass? Allow your cat to exhibit this natural behaviour with a Grow Your Own, Cat
Grass Kit from My Cat Grass. The Grow Your Own Kits include organic, Soil Association approved soil and organic certified seeds. Ideal as stocking fillers and small gifts, the kits are available in three varieties; Spelt Wheat, Barley, and Oat and make the perfect gift for all cat owners. For further information and to view the full range of pet food grade, cat grass products visit
PRICE: £4.99 per kit

Catit Creamy treats

Every cat loves a treat inside their stocking at Christmas so why not treat them to a Catit Creamy or two! Available in four super tasty flavours, your cat will know that they’ve been on the nice list for Santa Paws this year. They are truly scrumptious all-natural cat treats!
PRICE: £1.79

Relaxing technologies

2020 has certainly been a different year for us all, including our cats. Pet Trade Innovations has a range of products to help with your cat’s stress levels and to help them relax. The relaxopet PRO is a subliminal device that sends signals through the fur into their nervous system creating a
more relaxed pet.
PRICE: £69.90 for relaxopet PRO
WHERE TO BUY: To find out more about the RelaxoPet and other exclusive cat products please visit

Catit Dinners

Give your cat the purrfect dinner for Christmas
and beyond. Discover the brand-new range of cat dinners from Catit, available in 12 varieties; six chicken and six fish. These dual-layered wet foods are made from fresh ingredients served in luscious gravy. No need for your cat to be eyeing up your Christmas dinner! Try the Catit Dinners for only £1 a pot during December!
PRICE: £1 a pot

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