The Your Cat shopping guide to treats


14 September 2020
Here we showcase some of the best cat treats on the market — which ones would your cat love?

Everyone loves a treat — including our cats! One rustle of the bag and often our cats will come running. As well as a way to delight our cats, treats can also play an important role in the relationship with our cats. They can be a reward for training or a way to help build positive associations with different situations.

Picking a treat for your cat is a big deal, as giving your cat a treat is going to be a highlight of the day for your cat — and for you!

So, here we display some of the best cat treats on the market that are sure to drive your cat wild — and will have health benefits for your cat too.

Natures Menu

Natures Menu’s delicious range of premium quality cat treats come in chicken and turkey, salmon and trout, and chicken and liver varieties, in a resealable bag. These natural cat treats, made with a hearty blend of 95 per cent real meat, are completely gluten free, with no artificial flavours or colours.
PRICE: from £2.19
WHERE TO BUY: Available at and all good pet shops.

Catit Nibbly

From delightful Wraps to tender Jerky and flaky Grills; the range of Nibbly treats are packed with high-quality meat (85 — 92 per cent meat content), rich in amino acids, and fortified with taurine, making Catit Nibbly the healthy treat option for your cat. There are six enticing chicken and fish based flavours for cats to get excited about including scallop, lobster, and tempting whole fish wrapped in real chicken breast.
PRICE: from £1.70 per pack


Did somebody say new Webbox Cat treats? The popular cat food brand has introduced two uniquely designed treats to their range: Lick-e-Lix Jelly Chicken and Sweet Potato, and Lick-e-Licious Salmon. Lick-e-Lix Jelly is a tasty scrumptious snack made with fresh chicken in a moreish jelly. While the Lick-e-Licious is a deliciously indulging soup treat and is made with real fish flakes. Both are made with no artificial colours or preservatives.
PRICE: from £1

HiLife it's only natural

The UK’s cats have spoken — HiLife it’s only natural cat treats are their No 1! Made with 100% delicious chicken or duck breast, these much-loved treats are carefully diced to the perfect size for small mouths to enjoy. Each bag contains approximately 50 treats and there are no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.
PRICE: from £1.59 per pack
WHERE TO BUY: Visit for more information.

Healthy Bites Urinary Care

VETIQ Healthy Bites Urinary Care help maintain a healthy urinary tract. Each bite contains cranberry for a healthy urinary tract, taurine for healthy eyes and heart, catnip to stimulate exercise, and yucca plant extract to reduce litter tray odours. Suitable for cats from the age of 12 weeks.
PRICE: £1.99 for a 65g pack
WHERE TO BUY: Available from all good pet shops.

Catit Creamy

Treat your cat to some healthy and hydrating lickable cat treats which are made with fresh ingredients. Available in a variety of mouth-watering flavours: Really Tasty Chicken; Line Caught Tuna; Chicken with Luscious Lamb, and Atlantic Salmon with Prawns. These are a super tasty natural treat that your cat will love you for.
PRICE: from £1.79 per pack

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