TIANA – The latest chapter in meaningful pet humanisation


03 August 2021
August 21 sees the eagerly anticipated unveiling of Tiana cat food as the world’s first halal-approved cat food range made with best-in-class, human-grade ingredients and state-of-the-art, freeze-dried technology

35gm trial packs (makes 3.5 meals) will initially be available in chicken, fish and a particularly popular goat, whose rich, gamey undertones provide a welcome alternative to traditional British farmyard fayre.

Swiftly followed by the launch of 250g/500g retail packs


Tiana is the ground-breaking vision of Pankaj Hurria, a senior petfood buyer who had his lightbulb moment when a friend of the family persistently enquired about when halal-friendly cat food might be available, because the lack of an offer meant that she and her friends had to spend hours either tracking down fish-themed brands or assembling home-cooked alternatives made from appropriate meats that might unwittingly be light in essential, feline nutrients.

‘It makes sense,’ comments Pankaj ‘that a vibrant ‘PET HUMANISATION’ programme that embraces every imaginable ‘FOOD MINORITY’ interest from grain-free, BARF vegan and bio-organic to various dietary-specific offerings (hypoallergenic, joints, digestion, teeth..)would ultimately crave a 1st mover in halal-centric cat food.’

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Pankaj conducted some speculative research with his good friend (subsequent stakeholder) with Umar courtesy of his specialist full-service comms agency and was amazed to see a 5,000 strong take-up within a matter of days. With a focus of well-educated, millennial/professional women with moderate religious leanings, it became clear that there were 500,000+ Muslim cat owners seeking out a Tiana-style offering.

‘Sustainability and corporate social responsibility also sits at the heart of our offer’ concludes Pankaj, which is why we insist on only using the latest freeze-dried thinking, maximising the range’s taste cues and nutritional worth, whilst ensuring 70% needless moisture isn’t needlessly trundled up and down UK roads.

10% Of Your Initial Tiana Trial Pack Order

To say we’ve been a little surprised by the positive reaction to our halal-friendly range of freeze-dried cat foods (chicken, fish & goat) would be an understatement. 

We’ve only been going a few weeks yet the positive press reaction and online shop enquiries has been nothing short of incredible!

To celebrate our arrival on the UK’s vibrant pet food scene, we’d like to offer 10% off any orders made in August and September – please click on our banner to proceed

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