Top reasons a cat makes the best sort of pet


10 February 2021
Whether you are a long-time feline lover or are just considering adding a cat to your life, it is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Cats are beautiful and wondering pets who will bring so much to you every day. There are so many different types of cats and each has their own unique personalities, quirks and traits. If you are deciding to get a cat, it is a good idea to think about if you want one from a little kitten, or if you want to rescue one from a shelter that might otherwise have no hope of a good home. There are benefits and negatives to both and it is important that you sit and think about the decision before you get your cat. When first bringing your furry friend home you will want to ensure they are microchipped (if they are old enough) and don’t have any fleas. If you find they do have fleas, it can be a good idea to look at a flea collar for cats to nip this problem in the bud as soon as possible. 


1: They are independent creatures

Unlike dogs which need you to do a lot for them, such as walk them and groom them regularly, cats are very low maintenance. They can let themselves out, don’t need to be walked and are naturally very independent. They don’t require any formal training and are very happy spending time on their own. With a dog, you need to make sure you aren’t out of the house for too long in the day or night, but cats are very happy with both their own company and to be with you too.


2: They are not too loud

While cats can meow relatively loudly if they really want to, it is pretty rare. They mostly just meow at a normal level if they are hungry or as a greeting. Compare this to the decibels that some dog barks can reach and you can really see the stark difference between the two! If you are working from home and constantly on the phone, a cat will be a lot easier to ignore if they make a noise!


3: They are very easy to train

There isn’t too much that you need to train with a cat, and the elements that you do need to do, they often pick up very quickly. Cats mostly need to learn how to use a litter box or a cat flap and often instinctively do this anyway. They are naturally very clean and won’t leave a mess or soil themselves in random places around your house if you have a litter box ready for them. 


4: They can be great if you live in an apartment

Living in an apartment  can be tricky with a dog as they need to be let out to go to the toilet and walking twice a day. A cat, on the other hand, is more than content with being an indoor cat, using a litter box and sleeping a lot of the time! You can get a cat lead if you do want to take them outside for some fresh air, but you don’t need to take your cat out if this is not something you don’t want to do.


5: They can keep unwanted animals or pests out of your home and garden

Cats are territorial creatures and often mark their territory. If you have a problem with stray cats coming into your garden, a cat will be able to keep these away by marking their scent. They will also keep your home free of certain pests such as mice or spiders. It can be that they both catch them when they are in your home, but also that their scent deters them from entering your house in the first place.


6: They can be very affectionate

While cats can be very independent creatures, they can also be very affectionate too. Many cats love nothing more than curling up on your lap at the end of a long day while you relax in front of the television, or curling around your feet while you read a book. Cats can follow you around the house while you do your chores and love to purr when you spend time with them. As well as being affectionate in this way, they are also great fun to play with and you can have hours of fun playing with anything from dedicated cat toys, to pieces of string that they will chase. You could make tunnels or runs out of cardboard boxes for them to play in and make sure they always have somewhere to scratch their claws to stop them getting sharp.


7: They aren’t too expensive

Dogs can often cost thousands of pounds, while a cat is unlikely to be anywhere near that expensive. Even pure-breed cats are often a much more reasonable price. According to a survey which was done by the ASPCA, the overall cost of caring for cats is lower than medium or large dogs. You can get cat toys for very cheap and they often don’t eat as much as large dogs do.


8: Pets are good for your mental health and wellbeing

In a year such as this one where we have suffered from lockdown and being at home a lot more than usual, our mental health has taken a nosedive. Cats are known to help with your mental health and can be very beneficial for this. They can reduce stress and the act of stroking or petting them has been shown to improve your mood. This is because it increases oxytocin levels and reduces cortisol which is related to stress.


These are just a few reasons that a cat makes the best sort of pet. With so many breeds of cat out there, do your research, look into different types and make sure you get a cat from a reputable breeder or owner. Your cat will quickly become part of the family and you will wonder just what you used to do before they came along!