Top tips on relocating with your cat


19 July 2022
Are you thinking about moving house? Heading from coast to coast for a new life on the other side of the country? We offer some helpful tips to make relocation with your pet a stress free experience.

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Whatever your adventurous life plans, chances are your furry friends are going to be front and centre of your thought process. Relocating with pets can be a tricky business, both in terms of ensuring a calm, easy, and non-traumatic experience for them, and in terms of the actual logistics of moving your animals around the city, country, or world.

The good news is that moving with pets, while it might seem daunting, doesn’t have to be difficult or problematic. With some planning and preparation, and a few simple tips, relocating with your furry pals can be a breeze, and they’ll be enjoying their exciting new home in no time at all.

So before you start searching for the best cruise deal across the Atlantic, take a look at some of these tips to help make relocating with your pet a smooth, stress-free experience!

Give them some space on moving day

Whether you are moving across the street, to a new city, or halfway around the world, moving day itself is always stressful and chaotic. Pets are incredibly sensitive to change, atmosphere, and emotion, so don’t force them to participate in the difficulties and complexities of moving day! Give them their own calm space, perhaps even ask a friend to look after them for the day, and they will be less likely to pick up on your anxieties and stresses. Plus they will be out of the way and not underfoot for movers and packers, which is a huge bonus!

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Accustomize them to packing boxes and moving crates

Getting your pets used to the weirdness that is moving house is a good plan, and can make the transition much easier. Slowly acclimate them to having packing boxes and crates, and make their own pet carrier a normal part of the furniture. This will make the shock of the move far less jarring for them. You never know, they might even get to enjoy being inside their crate!

Try to avoid dramatic routine changes

Animals are all about habits, so the less you have to change their routine the better. While you are packing and organizing the move, make sure you stick to their routine as well, when it comes to feeding, petting, playing, and bedtime.

Get in touch with your vet

Talking to your vet, and getting your pet checked before the move, is absolutely vital. For starters, plenty of countries require certain vaccinations or certificates of health, which you will need your vet’s help in getting. But your vet will also be able to offer specific advice to help smooth your pet’s move, and will be a great source of tips for how to get them used to their new home!

Get everything ready before bringing them out

Try to get your new living space as ready as possible before your pet arrives, so they aren’t dealing with even more change once they’ve adjusted to their new home. This includes pet-proofing your house and garden, and preparing their sleeping quarters. They need to feel at home too!

Keep them indoors at first

Plenty of pet owners keep their pets inside as a matter of course, but even if your pet is normally an outside animal, it is worth giving them a few days to really adapt to their new living arrangements before letting them head outside. And when they do, why not join them for the first few times! Not only will it help them to feel more comfortable, but it might help you meet the neighbours!