Top tips to keep your cat safe and warm in winter


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27 October 2015
October is drawing to a close (how did that happen?!) and winter is very much on the horizon.As this chilly season approaches, it's time to start thinking about getting the woolly jumpers, rain coats and big boots out. While that's fine for us, pets don't have the luxury of seasonal fashion, so it's important to ensure that your cat is kept warm and safe from potential wintertime hazards.

Sarah Solomon, owner of Heath Veterinary Clinic in Burgess Hill, offers her top tips on winter cat care:

  • Check car bonnets and wheel arches as cats may be sleeping there to keep warm
  • Check the cat flap regularly as it could freeze up, meaning your kitty can't get back into the warm
  • Put blankets where your hot water pipes run to create a comfortable place where they can warm up
  • Groom your cat regularly as the winter slush can cause matting in their thicker winter fur.

If fireworks, roaring fires and tinsel cause your pet distress, purchase some special treats for them which may help to keep them calm. Always provide a safe place for any pet to hide away if they should feel the need - cats love high-up places or hiding under beds, so make sure you have lots of snuggly spots for them.?

As with the rest of the year, if you are concerned about your pets' health, it is important to consult your local veterinary clinic.

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