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20 February 2020
The campaign to fund robotic cats for dementia patients has been a huge success! Now, we need to find homes for them...

The campaign to fund robotic cats for dementia patients has been a huge success! Now, we need to find homes for them...

In the October 2019 issue, the Your Cat community set out to do something amazing. We told you about how a dementia patient can benefit from having a cat in their life and while many sufferers are not able to physically have a pet, there are robotic cats which can provide the same joy.


Companion Pet robotic cats look, feel, and sound like real cats but don’t require specialist care — and have been proven to have a great positive impact on those with dementia.

So, we teamed up with the Rotary Club of Wakefield, that has an ongoing project supporting dementia patients with robotic cats, to raise money to buy as many robotic cats as possible.

The good news? We succeeded in doing something amazing! The appeal raised enough money to purchase 20 robotic cats.

Now, we are asking if readers want to help us find 20 homes for the robotic cats where they can make a real difference to dementia patients.

Peter Clarke of the Rotary Club of Wakefield said: “The fundraising total was made up of dozens of small donations — mainly £5 or £10, with a few of £100 and one of £200. This was a fantastic response and we are very grateful.‑

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“Two catteries — The Kelcliffe Cattery in Leeds and the Cawthorne Cat Hotel, near Barnsley — also raised money as a result of the appeal. The Cawthorne Cat Hotel is continuing to raise funds. We have also had some heart-warming letters with the donations. Many of which were anonymous so we were unable to acknowledge them.”

Readers can help find homes for the 20 robotic cats. If you know of someone or somewhere that a robotic cat would make a difference to people with of Wakefield; email: [email protected] and please include a contact telephone number.

With 20 cats available, it cannot be guaranteed that everyone will be able to have a robotic cat but once recipients have been found, the cats will be free of charge and delivered.

Your Cat Magazine editor Michael Hallam added: dementia, please get in touch with the Rotary Club

“I want to say a huge well done to everyone who donated, or was inspired to help other people by the campaign — the Your Cat community is caring, brilliant, and should be very proud.

“We now need to find homes for the robotic cats and will, of course, provide an update in the magazine about where they have gone and the impact they are having.”

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