We visit the ultimate cat sanctuary


31 May 2022
Imagine somewhere cats have a safe place to live, but also roam free in a stunning location and you can go and visit? Hop on a ferry across to the Isle of Man and you can do just that!

In the Your Cat Tourist Guide, we’re bringing you feline-themed destinations around the world. In our latest place that cat fans would love to visit, we’re heading just across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man to visit the ultimate cat sanctuary for all cats, no matter their age or disability.

Ultimate sanctuary 

The Mann Cat Sanctuary is a registered charity which aims to provide a safe and peaceful haven for unwanted, disabled, and traumatised cats. The sanctuary, located in Santon near Douglas, was founded in 1996 by Sue Critchley and Carole Corlett. Sadly, Carole passed away in 2001 but the sanctuary is continuing to be run solely by a small, dedicated group of volunteers.

This team works tirelessly trapping feral cats, making trips to and from the vet’s, grooming, and sitting for hours to help socialise and comfort the resident felines. The feral cats rescued are then neutered and can live out their days at the sanctuary, which has a strict non destruct policy — no cat is put down unless he is suffering with a terminal illness or has injuries that are beyond veterinary help.

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