Why A Cat Portrait May Be The Best Gift You Receive This Year


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04 June 2021
A portrait of your pet cat is the perfect gift for a cat lover. If you are looking for a beautiful replication of your feline friend then a poster, hand drawn by artists, might just be the ideal gift for you.

The majority of people across the world have a deep love for animals and for many of these people, this love also transfers to their homes. Pets are a big part of many families with most considering their pet to be a massive part of their family and with many people not considering their home whole until an animal or two are living there. Pets are our companions; they are our friends and are compassionate and beautiful additions to any home. 

Dogs, cats, and fish tend to be the most popular pets but exotic pets such as leopard geckos and bearded dragons are becoming more and more popular. It is little wonder that people are so enamoured with their pets and why many people continually add more and more pets to their home. A home truly feels more whole with pets in it. 

There is a reason pets such as our feline friends are so popular. There are many benefits to being a cat owner – they are incredibly smart animals; great companions and they are also fairly easy to care for. Cats are often chosen by adults working outside of the home as they can easily amuse themselves during the day whilst their owner is at work and will love some affection once their owner comes home. They are extremely intelligent animals and quite low maintenance; they do not require a lot of space but they also love to chase their toys. Other pets such as dogs or exotic animals are higher maintenance and require much more care and attention daily. Fish might seem like an easy pet but they also require plenty of upkeep and maintenance.

It can be tough to choose gifts for pet lovers and if you are a cat lover, you may have had an array of gifts in the past tied to your love that haven’t quite hit the mark. When someone shows an affinity for a particular type of animal, they are often gifted with a wide variety of presents that are connected to their love of their pet but which actually aren’t very nice. Mugs, books, cushions – all lovely gift ideas but often overdone and requiring little thought from the person gifting them.  However the perfect gift might just be in sight – how about a custom pet portrait instead?

More people than ever are looking to replicate their pets and perhaps even memorialise their pets in new and exciting ways. A custom pet portrait not only looks good but also serves as a reminder of a pet, even long after they have gone. Whether the pet is still living or has sadly passed, a pet portrait will always be appreciated and is a lovely gift idea. It is a great way to honour a pet both during their life and after they have passed away.

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A portrait of your pet cat is the perfect gift for a cat lover. If you are looking for a beautiful replication of your feline friend then a poster, hand drawn by artists, might just be the ideal gift for you. Impersonate Me create hand illustrated portraits by artists that are checked by three separate members of staff to ensure its quality, delivered to your doorstep – what better gift could you ask for? All that is required by the artists to start your pet portrait is a photo of your pet – and then they will work their magic! The end result is beautiful and extremely lifelike.

A cat portrait might be the best gift you will receive this year for a multitude of reasons. Someone buying such a gift for you knows you well and doesn’t want to buy you something that can easily be picked up from the high street. They are looking to buy you something unique and not mass produced, something that shows you how much they appreciate you. A custom cat portrait showcases the love you have for your pet, a love that the person gifting the portrait to you can see in everything that you do. You don’t need to worry that your friend or family member has raided their bank account either – a pet portrait is a lovely and unique gift that is also extremely affordable!

Not only that but it also makes a great addition to any home. So many people have mass produced prints or quote posters dotted around their home – things that can be seen in plenty of houses – however a custom cat portrait will look great and provide a unique talking point for your home. It will show that your home is a place of loving and companionship and will make your home feel like a more welcoming place. It would certainly make your home seem extremely positive and light. These portraits come in a variety of background colours too meaning they will always fit in with an element of your home.

A cat portrait may be the best gift you receive this year, simply because it is a unique present that shows that the person gifting truly knows the recipient of their gift. It is an affordable and beautiful gift that brings positivity, light, and a unique talking point to any home. The next time someone asks you for some potential gift ideas for your birthday or for Christmas, why not suggest a custom pet portrait of your most treasured furry friend? You never know, it could just turn out to be the best gift that you receive all year! 


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