Why you should upgrade your cleaning and hygiene routine when you have a cat


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21 April 2022
Cats are adorable pets and need a certain level of care despite the fact that they self-clean their own paws and bodies all the time. Grooming your cat and upgrading their hygiene are necessary steps for a healthy coat and skin. Furthermore, maintaining a hygiene routine not only keeps the cat healthy but also ensures everyone else’s safety. Read on as we share with you the reasons you need to follow a cleaning and hygiene routine for your fluffy family member.

Bathing Your Cat

Your fluffy pets don’t require frequent baths, but there are times when they do. Your cat is very likely going to get its fur dirty; they are after all active mammals. Many show cats receive regular baths as they are trained for a routine like this. Therefore, cats can be trained early on so they remain comfortable when you clean them. There are several cat hair effects on humans including parasitic infections, allergies, and diseases like asthma. Therefore, bathing them more often will also help prevent allergies. Bathing your cat will also prevent mats and tangles from developing in their coat.

Leading cat groomers suggest using diluted cat shampoo as it is easier to clean your cat and does not decrease the shampoo’s cleaning ability. Using a cat shampoo is necessary as the formulation of a regular shampoo can dry out the cat’s skin, leading to persistent itching and infection. There are even variations of cat shampoos that include dry cat shampoos which don't require you to put your cat under the shower, and no-rinse ones which don’t need to be rinsed off. No matter how much effort you put into grooming your cat, hair shedding is inevitable. Collecting your cat's hair is a crucial step that ensures the humans living with the cat don’t have an allergic reaction. 

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Combing Your Cat

Cats lick themselves all the time, collecting hair in their mouth. The furball is normally coughed out by the cat but may also be ingested. This indigestible furball can cause constipation, vomiting, and result in decreased appetite. Cats shed their hair all day which can be reduced by regular combing and brushing. However, if you notice excessive hair shedding, then visiting a vet might be the best move. 

Brushing the cat also helps detect any lumps, bruises, sores, and even parasites early on. These changes on the skin indicate a health problem and require immediate medical treatment, There are a variety of brushes for different coats. For example, you can buy a pin brush for a long-haired cat, whereas a rubber brush is more appropriate for a short-haired cat. Brushing your cat with a flea comb is also a good way to keep any parasites at bay. 

Using Litter Pans

Make changes to manage the cat litter effectively. Leaving the litter and not disposing of it properly will result in quite the stubborn smell indoors. Furthermore, the possibility of transmission of parasites like Toxoplasma gondii increases by many folds. To keep your cat healthy and everyone around safe, make it a routine to dispose of cat litter on a daily basis.

Controlling Fleas

Cats without adequate hygiene protocol can bring fleas indoors. If you are experiencing a similar problem, it’s time to go through an extensive cleaning routine. Besides bathing your cat, you need to clean the carpets and rugs, wipe the furniture, and even clean your vacuum bag to ensure cleanliness. There are a plethora of flea cleaning products you can use to get rid of these harmful pests. However, before you buy a product, carefully read the instructions and follow them accordingly. You can get rid of the flees after several uses but if you still suspect fleas, it might be best to visit a certified veterinary doctor for the best treatment. 

Maintaining Food Hygiene

Giving your cat hygienic and nutritious food can keep your pet healthy and thriving. Spoiled or substandard pet food can cause problems like food poisoning, aggressive behavior, and even severe infections. The food you give your cat should be sealed and stored adequately. If you find it difficult to feed your pet on time, buying an automatic cat feeder is a great idea. These automated feeders provide your cats with a preset amount of food and water according to their feeding schedule. 

Maintaining adequate cat hygiene is an ongoing process that ensures your cat and everyone around stays healthy. We hope the information provided above can assist you in establishing a better cleaning routine and achieving the best results for your pet.

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