Why your cat may be better off on a raw diet


22 July 2021
We all want to keep our cats as healthy as possible, and a huge part of that is their diet.

A diet that cats love but also one that helps boost their quality of life can seem hard to come by, but there are definitely options out there.

Recently, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of raw feeding for dogs, and if anything, it’s probably an even better option for cats.

Raw feeding has many health benefits if done correctly and can offer your cat more than just a better diet, it can also offer them a link to their wild ancestors with biologically appropriate food.

Ready-made processed food, while it contains nutrients is not really what cats are supposed to be eating, just like humans they will benefit greatly from whole foods.

On top of that, if you let your cat out regularly, it probably already eats raw as cats are natural hunters and seek out food while on their daily wanders.

It’s worth considering whether raw feeding may be the best option for your cat.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of raw feeding are numerous for cats and typically they present themselves fairly quickly after making the switch from processed foods.

Coats tend to be silkier with less shedding which could minimise irritated skin and rashes - great if your furry friend has sensitive skin.

There are also digestive benefits as it is much easier to break down whole foods instead of having to break down the highly processed canned meals. This can lead to smaller, firmer stools and can really improve a cat’s digestion. This is why raw feeding is often recommended for cats with food sensitivities, digestion issues or sensitive stomachs.

With the proper nutrients, you will see an increase in energy levels as your cat feeds off of its more wholesome diet.

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Raw feeding doesn’t have to be any more costly than processed foods, there are many resources and services available to help those making the switch.

If you want to go about raw feeding by yourself there are lots of videos and articles that will help you source the best balance of the right foods, and you’ll find that it’s actually not more expensive than a multipack of cat food.

It can also be a lot more satisfying taking the time to prepare a proper meal for your cat.

If you are busier and need pre-prepped meals there are businesses that make raw food that can be tailored to your cat’s nutritional requirements (such as one of the leading brands Bella & Duke which you can check out here: https://www.bellaandduke.com/).


The risks of raw feeding tend to have little to do with the diet itself, instead, it is caused by poor preparation that does not achieve the correct nutritional balance.

If you are looking to move your cat to a raw diet you must first ensure that you have done all of the correct research and understand the proper balance for your pet.

Or again you can go with one of the pre-prepped companies that cover the balance for you.

Don’t forget to always consult with your vet before you make changes to your cat’s diet so they can support you and help you monitor your cat’s health during the switch.