Your Cat Advent Calendar Competition 2018 - winners


15 January 2019
We hope you all enjoyed last year's Advent Calendar Competition. Everyone should receive their prizes within the next couple of weeks. Here's a full list of the lucky winners...
Day 1 - Win a ceramic cat water fountain!

Mrs Margaret Bounds

Day 2 - Win a festive hamper of catnip cat toys!

Miss Rhia Drew

Day 3 - Win a PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap!

Miss Victoria Middleton

Day 4 - Win five pouches of Pet Munchies cat treats!

Mrs. Susan Leahey, Mrs Elaine Quinn, Miss Melanie Snow, Mrs Brenda Baldwin, Mrs Janet Morgan, Mrs Lynne Tomlinson, Miss Rebecca Cranham, Miss Yolanda Williams

Day 5 - Win a One Time Box from My Purrfect Gift Box!

Miss Louise Paton

Day 6 - Win luxurious Caviar inspired gifts for your pampered pussycat!

Winner: Mrs Sam Gardner

Runner’s up: Mrs Margaret Byrne, Ms Julie Dell

Day 7 - Win a stunning handmade pottery cat from The Cat Gallery!

Miss Melanie Snow

Day 8 - Win a bottle of Sacred Old Tom Gin!

Mr Simon Hanson

Day 9 - Win a Lovoom kibble launcher and pet camera!

Miss Debbie Davies

Day 10 - Win new Catit Creamy treats for your cat!

Miss Lynn Bulloch, Mrs Colette Lee, Ms Melanie Wright, Mrs Kathy Perry, Miss Joanne Iredale, Mrs Amanda Roy, Mrs Claire Shields, Ms Michelle Hawkins, Miss Julie Connah, Miss Sue Gardner

Day 11 - Win a teepee gift pack for your cat!

Mrs Karen Turton

Day 12 - Win good fortune with Lucky Lucky Cat!

Mrs Denice Copland, Miss EMMA Lewis

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Day 13 - Win a PetSafe Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder!

Mrs Susan Mortimer

Day 14 - Win a bundle of goodies for your cat!

Miss Justine Rolfe

Day 15 - Win a luxury blanket for your cat!

Kathy Vanderstreaten

Day 16 - Win a brand-new Doc & Phoebe indoor hunting kit!

Mr Barrie Bullock, Mrs Ann Hawkes, Ms Anne Briscoe

Day 17 - Win a handmade ‘Diamond Fleazer’ clay cat!

Mrs Nikki James

Day 18 - Win a hamper of award-winning Monty Bojangles chocolate truffles!

Mrs Kathryn Casbolt, Mrs Tanya Deliyska, Mr John Ball

Day 19 - Win a pouch of HiLife It’s only natural cat food!

Mrs Paula Turner, Mrs Helen Thurston, Ms Sal Southard, Mrs Louise Blackah, Miss Emily Fowler, Miss Joanna Howard-Simpson, Ms Sarah Williams, Mr Mark Tucker, Mrs Patricia Edwards, Ms Joan Morrice, Mrs Emily Hutchinson, Mrs Clair Dukes, Mrs Susan Hall, Mrs Victoria Bazley, Ms Serena La Pietra, Mr Leslie Evans, Mrs Claire Butler, Mr Alan Tabrah, Miss Corinne Lee, Ms Joy Gordon, Mrs Donna Newnham, Miss Dawn Underwood, Mrs Joanna Orr, Mrs Pamela Cooper, Mrs Beryl Drake, Mrs Colleen Green, Mrs Julie Card, Miss Coralie Noakes, Mrs Carol Peace, Mr Daniel Kellingley, Mr Brian Stabler, Mrs Barbara Tidmarsh, Ms Jenny Herring, Elaine White, Mrs Jane Green, Mrs Barbara Hewitt, Miss Julie Richardson, Mrs Yvonne Frost, Mrs Tracey Ryder, Mrs Linda Coomber, Mr Neil Coomber, Ms Astrid James, Mr Chris Lane, Mrs Jackie Turner, Mrs Suzanna Valentine, Ms Gail Grant, Mrs Julie Looker, Mrs Rebecca Funnell, Ms Alice Colling, Ms Karen Hall, Mrs Chris Baker, Ms Susan Bunney, Mr Ian Keen-Smith, Miss Julie Richardson, Ms Cat Jamison, Miss Julia Nicholls, Mrs Katrina Wilson, Mrs Elaine Savage, Mrs Evelyn Johnston, Ms Elaine Patterson, Ms Bev Cordle, Mrs Cathy James, Ms Charlotte Easton, Mrs Julia Conway, Mrs Charmaine Hammond, Mr Paul Rogers, Mrs Anita Hooper, Ms Amanda Rose, Miss Lynne Hargreaves, Mrs Kathryn Ost, Mrs Jen English, Jen Jackson, Mrs Kathleen Marsden, Mrs Sandra Clarke, Josie Bicknell, Mrs Joy Jenkins, Mr Duncan Nagle, Mrs Joanna Terry, Mrs Julie Berg, Mrs Karen Freeman

Day 20 - Win a collar of your choice from Katt and Hound!

Mrs Julie Smith

Day 21 - Win a Cat Bed Blanket from Tigga Towers!

Ms Fay Norris

Day 22 - Win a Trixie Alicante Cat Tree from Zooplus!

Mr Rupert Summerton

Day 23 - Win a Sherpa Cat Bed from MiaCara!

Mrs Natalie Lee

Day 24 - Win a signed Simon’s Cat 2019 calendar!

Mrs Jean Hudson, Mrs Cheryl Anderson

Day 25 - Win one of 15 ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes!

Mary Cue, Mrs Cathy Graham, Ms Kathryn Beer, Mrs Judith Lightfoot, Mrs Helen Broadbent, Ms Serena La Pietra, Miss Nat Lockwood, Miss Alison Pearce, Miss Lisa Watson, Mr John Skowron, Mrs Maureen Bentley, Mr Robert Coley, Mrs Kendra Florence, Mrs Michelle Evans, Mrs Mildred Hutchings

If you have any enquires about the Advent Calendar winners, please email us here.

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