Your Cat Good Causes makes generous donations in first three months thanks to dedicated members


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09 February 2023
Your Cat Good Causes launched late last year but has already achieved so much — and that is down to you!

In November, we launched Your Cat Good Causes to help cats that really need support. How it works is that we pledge to give a percentage of proceeds from Your Cat memberships (magazine subscribers and members of our new digital platform) to causes that truly help cats. Often, we donate to unsung heroes, people and organisations that are doing incredible work but don’t receive as much support or recognition. We provide them with resources and give them coverage they deserve.

So, just by buying Your Cat you are doing something special to help cats. It’s only with your support of the brand and our content that we are able to help more cats. That’s truly special and we want to say a huge thank you!

Here, we look back at what Your Cat Good Causes achieved in just three months of 2022…

1. Helped fund a memorial statue for Garfy, Ely’s famous cat who delighted shoppers at Sainsbury’s.

2. Published the Your Cat Good Causes 2023 Calendar. The calendar featured over 400 readers’ cats with the profits going to help Good Causes.

3. Sent Vetbed (versatile and comfy bedding approved by veterinary surgeons) to independent cat rescues.

4. Provided MDC EeziCatch Cat Traps and carriers to independent cat rescues to help them do more trap, neuter, and return work.

5. Helped set up Shetland Cat Rescue by paying for their rehoming licence. To be legally able to rehome and help cats, they needed a licence. Your Cat Good Causes helped to set the rescue on the way to helping the many strays on the island.

6. Sponsored Scottish wildcat Embo who is a key part of a breeding programme to preserve the species. Your Cat Good Causes is the sole sponsor of the wildcat.

7. Launched our winter blanket appeal. We asked if you would knit cosy bedding to keep cats warm at independent rescue centres and you’ve been magnificent with a host of donations that are helping felines get through the winter.

Coming up this year...

We’ve got lots planned for 2023! Our next couple of projects include an incubator for an independent rescue to help with the nurturing of kittens, and electronic cats for dementia patients, who are proven to really benefit from interactions with animals and couldn’t care for a real cat. And that’s just for starters!

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How can you help?

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