Gifts for cat lovers


14 November 2018
Gifts for cat lovers - what to get someone who likes cats? What do you get a cat lady for Christmas? give a unique gift that cat lovers will love!

When trying to find the purffect gift for a cat lover, it can be a complete minefield as a quick Google search produces thousands of results — from cute cat-print socks, to cat-themed jewellery, a vast amount of personalised feline items, not to mention an extraordinary amount of companies offering cheap deals — but who to trust?

And while there’s no denying that one of these products makes a thoughtful gift for a cat lover for Christmas or a birthday, they are often put to one side and forgotten about once the special occasion has passed. But, there is an alternative!

With a subscription to Your Cat Magazine, you’ll be giving a cat lover the gift of relaxation and some all-important ‘me’ time. In an ever increasingly busy world, a magazine offers a great excuse to spend a little bit of time doing something they enjoy — whether that’s while on the train, sat with a cuppa, or even in the bath!

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And, a cat lover needn’t feel guilty for enjoying some time to relax because, as well as a host of heart-warming and fascinating stories about cats to read, they’ll continually be increasing their feline knowledge — making them a better owner, enabling them to feel safe in the knowledge that they’re the best cat owner they can be. Plus, they’ll be reminded of your generosity month after month.

So, what to get someone who likes cats? Click here to see our Christmas Your Cat Magazine gift subscription prices.

Gifts for cats