Your Cat launches Good Causes project with £1,500 donation


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17 August 2022
Your Cat has launched Good Causes, a new initiative that pledges at least 30% of subscription proceeds go to community cat projects in the UK — and its first ever donation is going to help create a statue of a cat who captured the hearts of the people in Cambridgeshire.

Your Cat has always championed a better life for all cats, through sharing expert cat care advice, supporting campaigns to improve the lives of cats and owners, and inspiring cat lovers through its content. In an exciting new step, Your Cat is delighted to offer funds directly to help people making a difference to our feline friends. 

Garfy — aka Mr Sainsbury — was an Ely icon until his death in 2019. He was often seen in the local supermarket car park, where his natural curiosity and friendliness saw him greet customers (and even enter the store at times!). When the local press ran a story about him, more people came to visit him and soon became a mini celebrity in the area, he’s even had two books written about him!

By being a Your Cat Good Causes supporter, cat lovers are directly helping feline projects and are kept up to date with how their money is protecting the role of cats in our lives through their monthly magazine. Donating to Garfy’s statue is the first project to receive this wonderful support.

“This is such exciting news, and the start of a new era for Your Cat,” says Your Cat publisher, James Buzzel. “We’re so pleased to help fund a memorial statue for Garfy, who is a perfect example of how cats offer so much joy to so many people. It is important that the impact of cats is preserved so they are recognised and remembered in modern culture. With this statue, Garfy’s legacy and story will live on for generations in the local community.”

“Your Cat has a long history of promoting and protecting the roles cats play in our lives,” says Your Cat editor Michael Hallam. “We do that through sharing expert cat advice, promoting campaigns that will give cats more rights, highlighting the work of charities and rescue centres, and publishing stories to inspire cat lovers. It’s really exciting that we can now support those doing great things for felines with financial donations through Your Cat Good Causes. It means that every Your Cat member not only receives brilliant cat content, but is also directly supporting making the lives of cats better.”

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Cate Caruth, organiser of Garfy’s Go Fund Me Page said: "We are so touched that Your Cat has made this generous donation to help up create the memorial for Garfy in Ely. We have a vision of a lovely restful place in the park, where his statue will be, and this amazing contribution is bringing our goal closer. Thank you so much.”

Your Cat Good Causes is proud to support such legacy memorials that showcase the positive contributions that cats provide to communities — and Garfy is the perfect example of that.

Alongside joining a community of cat lovers, you will receive a monthly magazine, including all the latest news and updates on our welfare projects and progress on our campaigns – so you can see first-hand how your support is helping make cats’ lives better. Become a Your Cat Good Causes supporter for just £5 a month and help us support a range of good causes across the UK, and read about our work in every issue.

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