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10 life lessons we learn from our cats

10 life lessons we learn from our cats

The majority of the time we find our kitty's behaviour baffling, but perhaps they also find our human ways odd, and are trying to teach us how to get through life the feline way. See if you agree with the lessons they are trying to purrsuade us with…

1. Even the biggest arguments can be resolved

Yes, there are kitties out there that despite initial disputes learn to get along with other species of animal. It might seem like it is going to take an eternity for the cat to make peace with the dog, but they'll soon surprise you when you walk in to a room to find them snuggled up together!

2. Rain means a duvet day

They try to pretend it isn't there even if it means going out a dozen times just to check it is actually raining, and no, they definitely don't like it! Rainy days are suppose to be spent curled up on the bed in the warm.

3. Ornaments belong on the floor

They think to themselves what's the fun of ornaments on the side when they look much more interesting when knocked on to the floor? It is important to quality control these days you know!

4. There are better ways to greet

Why use a boring handshake or 'hello' when you can greet someone in a much more statement way? With a head butt — yes I am here, and I want attention now please... It works every time!

5. Sleep should be your main priority

Why spend your days at work or doing something productive when you can lounge round the house all day? Maybe try out every bed or sofa in the house —  just ensure you'll be extra comfy and there is no need to move all day!

6. You should never be without company

No matter what you're doing you always need a bit of company, whether that's washing the dishes, cooking dinner, or even having a bath! Although you may not actually require it at that particular moment, you'd soon miss it if it wasn't there!

7. It's the thought that counts

If you receive a gift that you perhaps don't particularly like then you should show your appreciation anyway, because it's the thought that counts... Even if the gift is a half-eaten mouse, you should honour it!

8. 24-hour surveillance is required

It's important to keep watch of your perimeters on a regular basis to ensure there are no trespassers on your premises. This involves frequent watching out of the window, and if an intruder is spotted it is straight out the door (cat flap), to see them off!

9. Keep warm

You must seek warmth at all available opportunities, this might be a ray of sun that lands conveniently in the path of a comfy bed, a radiator, laptop, or it may involve waiting until just the right moment when someone gets off their chair, and a ready-warmed seat awaits!

10. Have an independent mind

Be in charge of your own mood and emotional needs, if you're really happy then shout about it and let everyone know. If you're feeling down then it's best to just have some time to yourself to chill out, and make it known that you do not want to be disturbed! If you come near me you will be told, MIAOW!