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10 reasons why black cats aren't scary

Black cats are often branded as scary, and providers of bad luck. Of course we know this is not true, but this misconception about them often means they get a hard time. For example, research shows that black, and black and white moggies take about a week longer to rehome than cats of other colours. We think these readers' pictures prove how sweet and loving black cats really can be! Here are 10 reasons why black cats are not scary...

black cats

01. Their faces are often a picture of innocence.

Just look at this adorable face! It is hard to find a black cat frightening when they cling onto furniture in such a loving way and stare with wide eyes.

black cats

02. They can be timid.

Is it okay to come out yet? Black cats may be painted as scary but they can be scaredy cats themselves! Some black cats out there will retreat back to their beds at the sound of the doorbell on Halloween. They will not be plotting ways to scare kids, instead more likely thinking about the next time their owner will be feeding them.

black cats

03. Give them a cardboard box and prepare to smile as they will make the most of it!

This cheeky feline has been caught in a cardboard box. Black cats love to chill in them just like any other cat and this can often be a very sweet sight to lay eyes on. Especially when they take some time out from sleeping to play with them!

black cats

04. No location is too silly for them to sit on.

It is hard not to crack a smile when seeing a black cat sitting in a plant pot! The sky is the limit when it comes to locations for our fluffy friends to chill out on. This silly behaviour adds to their charm.

black cats

05. They will love you just as much as you love them.

Isn’t it sweet to arrive home and see your kitty sitting at the window looking out for your return? Black cats can be extremely loving and can’t wait to spend time with their owners.

black cats

06. They will snuggle on anything.

It is hard to get mad at a black cat sitting on your towel or dressing gown after accidentally leaving them unattended. Seeing our cats looking cosy is always heartwarming.

black cats

07. Hide-and-seek is an interesting experience when they opt for the sink!

The facial expression of this cat is priceless. Black cats can be a laugh to play a game of hide-and-seek with when they end up fitting into the most random places!

black cats

08. They have lots of fun playing with toys.

Playtime with black cats doesn’t have to end with cardboard boxes and hide-and-seek. Give one of them a toy fish or mouse and they will have a field day. Perhaps even one on a string so you can give them a little bit more exercise. It is a joyful experience to watch black cats having a good time playing.

black cats

09. Their greatness is widely documented on the web.

If you search ‘black cats’ on YouTube then a hoard of positive videos about them will come up. From reasons why black cat owners are lucky to sweet black cats. Prepare to spend the night falling in love with them.

black cats

10. They are cute and cuddly companions to start and end the day with.

The best way to kick off your day is with cute cuddles from a loving furry friend. The sight of a black cat in your bed is a precious one for sure. You are bound to have sweet dreams when sharing the bed with these beautiful creatures.

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