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10 things your cat would say if he could speak

10 things your cat would say if he could speak

To celebrate 'National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day', we asked our Facebook fans what they thought their cat would tell them if he could speak. Here are a few of our favourites…

1. Andrew Kandel said:

Mine would probably say he doesn't care that he's fat, and to stop buying the reduced calorie food; it's not 'gonna work because he'll just eat more!

2. Heather Brezmen said:

They would be protesting that the dog has to go!

3. Anne Plimmer said:

"Are you going to put the heating on or what?"

4. Tom J Morrison said:

"When are you 'gonna put a cat flap on the door!?"

5. Yvonne Bolton said:

Mine is usually telling me her kibble dish is empty... It's not, but she can see the bottom of the dish in one little area! To her, that's a National emergency!

6. Sinéad Danielle Louise said:

"Oi what are you doing asleep? Get up and pet me... OK, fine, I'll stand on your face and complain until you get up. If you don't answer me, I'll go and miaow outside the baby's door and wake her up instead!"

7. Liz Regan said:

Just two messages really: "Feed me" and "let me out". One of them occasionally says "Can I come on your knee?" and one of them definitely says "Put me down!"

8. Beth Neville said:

Poppy would definitely tell me what food I'm allowed to eat (which would only be things she would want some of); chicken is a favourite, but not curry!

9. Lauren Whitmore said:

"Get out of bed!" and "Can I come in?" followed by "Can I go out?"

10. Milena Hurtado Martinez said:

My cat would say that he has brought me a present!