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10 ways becoming a cat owner changes your life

10 ways becoming a cat owner changes your life

Once a cat enters your home and heart, life will never be the same again — not that we're complaining! Here are our top 10 ways becoming a cat owner changes your life...

1. You're never alone

You face the reality that you'll never get a minute, even a second, to yourself again. Whether it's cleaning, paperwork, eating your dinner, or even having a shower — yep, he's there! And we all know closing the door won't help... seconds later, there will be scraping, followed by 'Miaow'!

2. You speak cat

You unearth a whole new vocabulary you never knew you had — a special one dedicated to your feline friend. Your cat is also very rarely called by his actual name; instead, we replace it with a variety of nicknames, ranging from Snuggles, Cuddles, Pookie, and Tibbles, to Floofy McFloof-face to Lord Smushy Snufflebum.

3. You get a new best friend

The world starts to revolve around your feline, and his needs come before anyone else's, as much as you try and kid yourself that they don't. When you have plans to go out later that evening but he's curled up on your lap, you'd better text your mates... he looks so peaceful and you can't possibly disturb him!

4. You accept his gifts

You find yourself becoming more and more blasé about the evidence your feline leaves behind. Before, you would try and combat the muddy paw prints, hair, or presents your cat might leave for you, but now you think of it as a little memento to remind you of him. As if you could forget!

5. He'll have more friends than you

You've slowly become used to the fact that your friends will often invite themselves round — but to see your kitty, not you!

6. You'll have more cat photos than selfies

If you see him sleeping in a cute position, this is something that has to be broadcast to the whole household immediately: "Come and see him, he looks SO cute!" And if no one is around, you can't miss the opportunity to fill your photo library to show your family and friends later.

7. You'll spoil him rotten

Shopping trips where you intend to buy items for yourself end up being splurges on toys and treats for your kitty instead. We've all been there!

8. You'll fret

You wish they'd invent some way of tracking your kitty to avoid that worry when he's been outside slightly longer than usual. Even though the reality is about two seconds later, he's miaowing on the doorstep!

9. You'll become an expert cardboard collector

You'll get super-excited when the delivery man knocks on the door, not because you're keen to see what's inside, but because it means a new cardboard box for your furry friend to play with.

10. You'll get a new boss

There's no longer a need to worry about who's going to be in charge of the dog while you're out at work — because you know your kitty will put him in his place!