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A lucky escape for Peter the kitten

A lucky escape for Peter the kitten

Peter the kitten had a lucky break when he was taken into Maltman Cosham Veterinary Clinic in Slinfold, West Sussex.

Having been found abandoned by environmental company worker Mr Shane Houghting whilst working on site, it was apparent that the kitten required urgent veterinary attention.

Although two hours away from his work, Shane decided that the best course of action would be to take the kitten to his own vets; so made the journey to Maltman Cosham Veterinary Clinic.

Peter was immediately taken into the care of Veterinary Nurse, Kerry Blight, who along with the Maltman Cosham team, assisted in looking after Mr and Mrs Houghting’s dog Juluka’s welfare for the last few years. After checking the tiny kitten over, it was estimated that Peter was only five days old and needed immediate, and regular care if he was to have any chance of survival.

“He had to be kept warm and be stimulated to pass urine and faeces after feeds to mimic what his mum would have done” explained Kerry. “We knew that there was a chance that he may not have thrived without his mum”. To the rescue was Nelly, Kerry’s two-and-a-half-year-old spaniel cross, who became a great foster mum for Peter. “She often cleaned him up after feeds, and put him into her bed to keep him warm, it was as if she thought he was her puppy!”

When the time came for Peter to find his forever home, it was clear that Kerry wasn’t going to let him go! “I just fell in love with him, he is such a character and I know that he is going to be really special” added Kerry.

Maltman Cosham Veterinary Clinic was founded by veterinary surgeons Mark Maltman and Josie Cosham in March 2011. Committed to providing excellent veterinary care for companion animals, the clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic facilities including: digital x-ray, ECG, in house laboratory, ultrasound, endoscopy, with a fully equipped operating theatre with modern monitoring equipment. There are also separate dog and cat wards for hospitalisation.

Maltman Cosham Veterinary Clinic can be contacted on 01403 791001 or visit their website