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Actress Jayne Wisener tells us all about her obsession with cats!

Actress Jayne Wisener tells us all about her obsession with cats!

Rachel Armitage chats cats with Northern Irish actress, Jayne Wisener.

You may recognise Jayne Wisener as exchange student, Lauren, from Channel 4 comedy, ‘The Inbetweeners’, or perhaps, most famously, from her role as Sweeney Todd’s long-lost daughter, Johanna, in Tim Burton’s 2007 musical, in which she starred alongside Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman.

Jayne has been a cat lover since she was a child, and says she always wanted a cat of her own: “When I was young, we had a dog and a rabbit, and I always wanted a cat. I had a friend who lived on a farm and they had cats and kittens, and I always wanted to take one home. I’m obsessed with cats!”

The actress owns a six-year-old Singapura named Doogie. “I could see how much personality Singapuras have and they’re brilliant. Doogie is so mischievous. When he’s not getting in our way, he tries to get outside and will shout at us until we take him out for a walk around the garden; he’s a rascal!

“He does sleep a lot. He always tries to find new places to sleep and we struggle to find him — like on top of the kitchen cupboards so he can look down on us!” Jayne says the amount of personality cats have never ceases to amaze her, and they are often misunderstood by people.

She adds: “I just love cats’ personalities, and I hate it when people compare them to dogs just because they’re both house pets — you wouldn’t compare a snake to a gerbil, would you?

“People also seem to think that cats are cold but they’re not. If I were an animal, I’d like to be a cat, especially a house cat — they love the warmth and heat, and like their own space, but also love pampering on their own terms.”

Jayne is an animal lover through and through. One Christmas, she asked people to donate money to animal charities, including Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and other local rescue centres, instead of buying presents. She also turned vegetarian three years ago when Doogie became ill.

She remembers: “Doogie went into renal failure, and when I saw how ill he was, it hit home just how much I love him and all animals. I hate to see them suffer, and stopped eating meat there and then. I’m now a proper vegetarian; all animals are precious and we should treat them as such.

“Cats are members of the family, and you should always treat them as family, not just as cute little playthings. They all have their own personalities and you have to discipline them as you would any member of the family. Remember that it’s a life decision to have a cat and bring a living creature into your home.”

This article was first published in the September 2017 issue of Your Cat Magazine.