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Caring cat befriends lamb in Canada

Caring cat befriends lamb in Canada

These two best friends just melt your hearts, don't they? Dora the cat has been Charlie the lamb's best friend ever since he came to live with her at the Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, run by Carla and Harry Moore, just before Christmas.

Dora had been living at the sanctuary for just a month before Charlie's arrival, after she was found as a stray. Charlie was just two days old when he was orphaned and the farmer was looking to get rid of him, but refused to allow Charlie to come to the sanctuary.

Carla says: “Looking at the photos of him online, we knew that Charlie was in dire need. It was here that a few friends of ours rallied together to save this little soul.”

One of Carla's friends posed as a buyer and offered to pay for him, and the farmer agreed. Because Charlie was over four hours away, Carla and Harry sought the help of a volunteer agency called Critter Cabs to get Charlie home.

Charlie was very poorly when he arrived, suffering from extreme diarrhoea, a respiratory illness, and his tail and testicles had been incorrectly banded, which needed surgery to put right.

Caring cat befriends lamb in CanadaDora befriended the poor little lamb instantly: “The moment we brought Charlie home, Dora was by his side,” Carla says. “She seemed to understand that he needed so much. For an orphan like Dora, they were kindred spirits.”

When Charlie returned from his surgery, Dora waited outside his crate until he had recovered enough to come out, and she has rarely left his side since: they play together, sleep side by side, and get into a lot of mischief together!

Carla adds: “I think a lot can be learned from these sweet souls. It doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside; inside we all want the same thing — love, comfort, a sense of belonging, and a really great friend.”

You can follow Dora and Charlie's adventures on Happy Tails' Facebook page.

Pics: Courtesy of Happy Tails Farm sanctuary.