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Cat rescued from 30ft power line

Cat rescued from 30ft power line

This poor moggy doesn't have a head for heights after she had to be rescued from the top of a power line in Gloucestershire.

The RSPCA and local fire crews were called to the scene in Cam after the cat, called Betty, was spotted balancing on top of the pole by a member of the public.

Animal Collection Officer Jayne Fuller says: "Betty is a very lucky cat. Thankfully she was unharmed by her ordeal and happy to be back home to her family.

"When I first arrived I saw a little black and white cat desperately dancing around on the top of the pole. The weather was perishingly cold so she must have been freezing.

"We think she may have been up there for around 24-hours, because a couple living nearby had heard a cat calling for around 24-hours before Betty was spotted up the pole, they had checked everywhere they could think of but never thought of looking up 30ft in the air!”