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Cats are on the rise!

It's official – cats are taking over!

New research from the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) in its Pet Data Report has reported a 500,000 rise in the cat population, which now stands at eight million! The cat-owning household figure has risen from 17 per cent (4.8 million) in 2016 to 18 per cent (5.1 million) in 2017.

One of the contributing factors to this mammoth rise is an increase of one million more men owning cats, with 17 per cent now owning a feline. 

Other key findings include: 

*There are 54 million pets in the UK, with 44% of UK households now owning a pet

*The cat population has increased by around half a million.

*Over a third of households with children said they would consider a small mammal as a pet

*More young people own cats with those aged 16-34 up 3% plus those aged 35-44 up 2%.