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Cats at Christmas: tips and tricks to ensure a safe and fun festive period

Cats at Christmas: tips and tricks to ensure a safe and fun festive period

Christmas is a brilliant time to have a cat. Here’s some important tips and advice to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for you and your pet...

How to ensure your cat has the purrfect Christmas

Christmas can be a confusing time for some cats, with new items of decoration appearing all over the house, people coming and going throughout the day ,and not forgetting the weather taking a particularly cold turn.

Keeping your pet calm at this festive period is key and Whiskas has a few tips you can follow to keep them healthy and happy.

Christmas tree caution

First off, something a lot of kitten and cat owners will have experienced is the curiosity your pet has towards your Christmas tree.

Cats are creatures of habit and any change in your home’s décor, especially one as big as a tree in your living room, can sometimes cause anxiety with younger felines.

But there are still things you can do to help your cat adjust to this temporary change.

Make sure your tree is secure as a more curious cat may try to climb or rub against it, potentially causing it to tip or fall.

Also, if they were to climb it and knock off any decoration you may have, bear in mind small parts or broken glass baubles could cause serious harm if they cut or are swallowed by your cat.

In addition, it’s just as important to realise that pine needles can be sharp and even toxic to cats in some cases, so maybe consider a synthetic tree.

Don’t get cross wired!

Not only should you be wary of your tree positioning, you should also be wary of any additional cables and wires that power your festive lights this year.

If your cat gets stressed, he could catch himself on these wires and cause damage to both themselves and potentially your home. Bear this in mind when hanging your decorations!

Create a safe haven

At a time when visitors might be in and out of your house, the noise levels and new people may stress out your cat.

It’s a good idea to leave one room for them to be able to escape the noise of the festivities. Whether this is a bedroom, home office or even bathroom, try and create a sense of tranquillity about it by laying out comfortable bedding for them to enjoy.

Another thing to ensure is that they have the ability to come and go when they please. If your cat is allowed outside, he should have clear access to their usual exit in order not to make him feel trapped inside.

For indoor cats, make sure you still keep the door open to whatever safe room you have given them. They may get to the stage during the day where they are confident enough to venture out and greet your guests and family.

You can still treat your cats at Christmas!

Of course it is okay to treat your cat around this time of year — after all, it’s their Christmas too!

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