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Do you know someone who goes above and beyond for diabetic pets?

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond for diabetic pets?

It’s time to vote for those caring people who go above and beyond for diabetic pets.

Diabetes is one of the most common endocrine diseases affecting cats, and evidence suggests that it may be on the increase. However, early diagnosis, proper management, and monitoring of a diabetic pet can lead to them having a happy, healthy, and active life.

Having a pet with diabetes requires love and commitment. For these reasons, Your Cat Magazine has teamed up with global biopharmaceutical company MSD Animal Health to find the Diabetic Pet Carer of the Year.

Cat lovers across the UK are invited to nominate carers of diabetic pets. There are two award categories — one for pet owners, and another for veterinary professionals who have made the extra effort to support their clients and patients after a diagnosis of diabetes.

The awards have been created to celebrate and recognise the unique dedication and commitment it takes to successfully manage diabetes in pets, as November is Pet Diabetes Month. The lucky winning owner will enjoy a photo shoot with their cat, a reward for their efforts in helping to manage their pet’s condition, while the winning veterinary professional will receive free tickets to the London Vet Show 2018.

Caroline Darouj, product manager at MSD Animal Health, explains: “Managing pet diabetes effectively demands a high level of engagement from the owner. Like human diabetes, the condition usually requires regular insulin injections to
be given to control blood sugar levels. However, most owners consider their cat worth the commitment, as
it can strengthen the bond between them.”

Many of the devices that help human diabetics are also available to the owners of diabetic pets. For instance,
95 per cent of human diabetics use medical delivery devices to administer their insulin. A similar device called VetPen, specifically designed to make it appropriate for dosing pets, is now becoming increasingly popular. This makes it easier for owners to administer insulin safely and accurately.

Readers can nominate a Diabetic Pet Carer of the Year before the deadline of December 30, with the winners being announced in January. For more information and to vote, visit