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Frothy coffee cats are works of art!

3D coffee catsWould you like a biscuit with your coffee? How about a couple of cats or Grumpy Cat perhaps?!

Nimble-fingered barista, Kazuki Yamamoto, who previously wowed caffeine fans with his 'flat white' pictures on coffees, has brewed-up a whole new series of three-dimensional designs in coffee froth.

coffee catsKazuki perks up customers at his coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, by making cheerful images on top of the drinks. Amazingly, he has notched up over 2,000 of the mini masterpieces. He says: "I've been working in the cafe from the age of 20, but I started the design cappuccino two years ago.

coffee cats"I use a cocktail pin and spoon, steamed milk and delicious espresso. I have been practicing at the end of the working day and during breaks. It has become what I am known for when customers come to the shop.

"I do about three cups a day and estimate that I have drawn about 2,000 types ever. However, there is a drawback: the coffees can get cold because it takes time to do the more delicate designs."