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Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!

Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!

‘The Magnificats’ are six cats living by the Thames in Putney, just outside central London. With over 1.3 million friends around the world, the Magnificats Facebook page is one of the biggest in the world, and by far the biggest in the UK.

The Magnificats community is hugely active and goes beyond peddling ‘cute cat’ pictures. Fans from the UK, North America, the Middle East, and further field come together 24 hours a day to chat, share photos and stories, and give help and support to cats (and cat owners) in need. With Facebook’s new ‘Live Video’ feature they’re bringing thousands of people into their home four days a week with ‘The Magnificats Live from London’, their half-hour webcast.

The Magnificats have attracted substantial interest from many quarters. In addition coverage in the UK national press, magazines, and several on-line publications the cats have appeared in TV commercials, a BBC documentary, and on-line promotions. They also have their own website.

Hackney-born Sasha Jordan (56) retired from her career as a rock tour model in 2010. Having spent much of her time in Texas on-stage with bands such as Ozzy Osbourne, Black Tooth, and Pantera at the OzzFest and Ride for Dime festivals Sasha decided to exchange her leathers for a woolly cardigan, settling-down in Putney with her fiancé, Steven, and a growing number of cats.

‘The Magnificent 7 Cats’ (now The Magnificats) Facebook page first came about in late 2012 after Sasha posted a few photos of her new Persian kitten, Tomerine, on her Facebook page. Tom, with his teddy-bear looks, googly eyes, and cheese obsession was an instant hit, so Sasha set-up his own Facebook fan page.

Sasha’s other six cats followed, and The Magnificats were born.

Each of the cats has its own distinctive look and personality. Cat fans around the world have come to know each cat and their on-line personalities have developed. Fans write to the cats in response to captioned photos, of which they publish about three a day. Some posts — particularly involving Junior or Pixie with their striking looks – attract seven or eight thousand ‘likes’ and pages of comments offering advice to the cats to get them out of whatever mood or scrape they’re in at the time. Their daily live video broadcasts attract up to 12,000 viewers, and give them a chance to interact with the cats’ fans in real time.

Quite often cat-owners around the world send photos of their own cats, offering them up as suitors for the seven Magnificats. The celebrity cat world is every bit as strange as its human equivalent.

So what started as a hobby for Sasha has become something of a full-time job. And with 10,000 new friends per week things aren’t slowing down!

We think the best thing would be for you to have a look for yourself...

...The Magnificats Biogs — as told by Sasha

Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!


“On the 15th September 2017, we lost our beloved Rocky to squamous cell carcinoma.

“True to his name, Rocky fought hard over six long months, during which time he inspired literally thousands around the world with his strength, his personality, and charisma. He endured radical surgery and chemotherapy which would have flattened most cats. But the cancer was just too aggressive and returned, unexpectedly in what his surgeon called ‘a revenge attack’.

“Rocky has become the poster boy for never giving up on your cat and his legacy will live-on.

“At 10 years old, Rocky was an incredibly handsome Russian Blue X Turkish Van and the toughest of all his six siblings. He was involved in a road accident when he was about two. He was seriously injured, and literally dragged himself home with just his front legs. His injuries were so bad that Rocky had to be given a replacement metal hip and pins in his leg, although you’d never have known it!

“He was happiest when he was outdoors, stalking garden fences around the house, and hanging out with his best friend, Squiff. He'd lost his eyebrows, all but one, through fighting, knowing him. But when he’s home he wants love… and fish! There's a deep and ancient wisdom to Rocky. He’ll look at you and stare into your soul!

“Many thousands of words have been written about Rocky and this little biog doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Steven is currently writing a book ‘Rocky: a little man who changed the world’ (working title) to tell Rocky’s story, and to bring comfort and hope to all those whose pets are sick.”

Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!


“Junior is an eight year old, pure-white Turkish Van with bi-coloured eyes, and, contrary to popular belief – this doesn’t mean he’s deaf!

“Junior’s overriding characteristic (aside from his mesmeric eyes) is his lovingness. He’s happiest when he’s head-bumping, nudging, kissing, and lying on his back to be tickled, when he’ll stretch out his toes in ecstasy. He’s instinctively a hunter, and will chase anything which moves – the laces on my Timberlands are a special favourite. Not surprisingly his favourite toy is the laser dart; he’d happily chase the little red light for hours. Although Junior likes to spend most of his time indoors, he loves to go out. You’ll often see him high-up, balanced on walls, or expertly walking from fence to fence between gardens. He has a thing about feathers.”

Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!


“Ugs is a 10 year old Persian who came to live with us from the age of two. Of his five siblings, Ugs is probably the kindest, most caring and sweet-natured; he's just a bundle of love! His favourite thing of all is ‘Dreamies, he LIVES for those! Ugs will follow us around the house like a puppy then he'll stop and look up with an expression of pure love. And sometimes he might high-five, just to make sure he gets a treat. Being a Persian he's a bit snuffly, and he can always be heard grunting and purring. If one of his siblings isn't feeling well, Ugs is always the first on the scene to look after them.”

Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!


“I think Prince likes to see himself as the ‘daddy’ of the family. He’s everything a Ragdoll should be: loving, docile, floppy, slightly aloof, and rather self-assured. There’s a wisdom about Prince which transcends what one might expect from a mere ‘pet’. It’s like he was sent to us for a special purpose. and it’s a responsibility he takes very seriously!”

Sasha’s had Prince, a Blue Point Ragdoll since 2007. He was her first Ragdoll and he’s a big boy at about 6kgs.

“He’s a bit of a loner, and tends not to socialise too much with his six siblings. You could almost describe him as grumpy, and he’s been known to give the younger cats a whack around the head if they get too giddy.

“As grumpy and aloof as Prince might seem, this isn’t the fully story. Of all our seven cats he’s the closest to a ‘lap cat’ we have. He’s very happy to sit beside us on the sofa while we’re watching TV and loves to be stroked and fussed over. He’ll usually give Steven his paw to hold and sit quietly purring for as long as we’re there; it’s very sweet.

“Needless to say this domestic idyll is violently shattered the moment Prince gets a hint that I might want to brush or groom him. He hates being brushed and he’ll do anything to avoid it.

“Prince has a mild obsession with the litter tray. When one of the other cats has used it, he invariably wanders over, has quick sniff and ensures that the contents are well covered-up. It’s this slightly odd habit which prompted us to call him ‘The Toilet Attendant’.”

Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!


“Princess Pee-Pee (Pixie) Persephone came into the world on Valentine’s Day 2011. One of a litter of six, she’s a Blue-Point Ragdoll with mesmeric blue eyes, perfect whiskers, and immaculate ear tufts. From being tiny she’s been obsessed with grooming herself – she always looks immaculate.

“Pixie is pretty small, even for a female Ragdoll. She has a tiny, heart-shaped face, and a very slinky body. She has a floppiness, typical of all Ragdolls, although she’s not at all fond of being picked up – not by me, anyway. She’s far too grand to be cuddled. She’s a princess, and there are standards to uphold!

“Pixie is the only girl among my seven cats, and she knows it! She’s a girly-girl, too. She doesn’t walk, she trots like she’s wearing high heels. She’ll take a few quick steps and then stop, have a quick groom, and then trot along some more with her nose in the air.

“Petite and feminine she may be, but don’t be fooled. Pixie can hold her own against her (much bigger) brothers. She likes nothing more than to bait the other cats, and if they’re really unlucky they’ll get a swipe around the head. Pixie has a mean left-hook.

“Pixie is something of an escape artist. She’ll sit in my back yard gazing wistfully up at the fence dreaming of the day when Steven will remove the netting he was forced to fit after her second escape into our next-door neighbour’s garden. She had no intention of returning home, either. I had to collect her. She was sat defiantly in a pile of leaves and twigs with her perfect fur covered in slugs and spiders. She loved it. What a Tom-boy!

“I think Pixie would miss her home and brothers if she left. So for now I think the net – and Pixie – can stay exactly where they are.”

Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!


“This is Tom. Some people call him Tommy, but his real name is Tomerine (pronounced Tom-er-eeny).”

Born in June 2011, Tom is a pure-bred Seal-Point Persian from a litter of six. Finding Tom was easy for his new owners; Tom picked them! He walked right up to Steven and lay on his back to be tickled, purring and biting his fingers. It was love at first sight.

“To say that Tom is a little eccentric is perhaps an understatement. His face looks permanently grumpy, his eyes are googly and wobble from side-to-side. He has a little pink lip and tiny teeth which make him look like a teddy bear. He shuffles along waggling his bottom, meowing like an angry old man. When he wants something (usually cheese, sometimes milk) he’ll look you right in the eye and meowww until he gets it. Other times he just wants a cuddle, and likes nothing better to lie in his mum or dad’s arms, wrapping his front paws tightly around their wrist, while they tickle his chin. He’s often asleep within a minute or two, just like a human baby. But his is vocal! He moans, and moans, and moans until he gets what his want. Steven accepts full responsibility for creating such a spoilt little boy, and says if Tom were a human child, he’d be worried we had a spoilt brat. But he’s Tom – so I love it!”

Introducing The Magnificats: Britain’s most famous cats!


“Norman is a six-year-old Bi-colour Persian. Poor Norman was very much the runt of his litter. He was hand-reared by his breeder, and at one point it really didn't look as though he was going to make it.

“Norman has always been a bit of a scaredy-cat – he was literally frightened of his own shadow. But with lots of love and a very helpful session with renowned pet-communicator Laura Stinchfield, Norman has made great progress. He's a very happy little boy.

“Norman loves routine. He'll watch Dad very carefully at bed-time to see when he's ready to go upstairs. Then Norman will zoom up to the bedroom, jump up onto the bed and wait to be stroked – and give a short meow if the stroking stops! He'll lie there happily purring for a while, until he gets bored and decides to go and wind-up his siblings.”

Keep your eye out for more stories from the Magnificats!