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Kittens stolen in charity break-in

Kittens stolen in charity break-in

Two vulnerable kittens have been stolen from a Norfolk RSPCA rehoming centre on January 2.

UPDATE: kittens have been found.

Staff at the RSPCA Suffolk and East Ipswich branch are relieved that the two kittens taken from the property on Monday night have been returned to the centre. Police will now continue to investigate the incident so no further information is available at this time.

The 12-week-old siblings, named Pluto and Lilo, were taken from their enclosure at the charity's Suffolk and East Ipswich branch, after intruders broke into the site on Mill Lane, Martlesham, taking the kittens as well as the branch's paperwork and veterinary notes.

Kennel supervisor Natalie Wood says: “We are really concerned for Pluto and Lilo, and can’t understand why they have been stolen like this. They are both fed a special diet to aid some health issues, so we are extremely worried for their well-being.

“I am asking anyone with any information to please let us or Suffolk police know, so we can have Pluto and Lilo returned safely to us. Pluto is a black and white male, and Lilo is a dark tortoiseshell female. Both are microchipped and are now registered as stolen, so we would be so grateful if people can keep their eyes and ears open for any word on their whereabouts.”

Anyone with any information is urged to call Suffolk Police on 101, quoting reference ‘CAD 59’ of January 3, 2016.

Natalie adds: “Unfortunately, our CCTV here at the site was out of action at the time of the break-in, so we’re not sure exactly what time the kittens were taken. However, their litter trays were not as dirty as normal, which leads us to think they were most likely taken yesterday evening.”

The kittens also had a sibling, who was luckily rehomed just a day before the break-in.

Suffolk police were called and a forensic team has investigated. No money or other goods were taken, apart from the kitten’s paperwork, which was attached to the front of their enclosure, and a food bowl and toys.