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Moggies find love — and a new home for Valentine’s Day

Moggies find love — and a new home for Valentine’s Day

This formerly terrified cat has been brought out of his shell after he met the love of his life.

Five-year-old silver tabby Patch was under-socialised, could not be handled, and would hide all day from staff at the RSPCA Millbrook centre where he was being cared for, after going through the trauma of escaping a house fire.

Then Seraphina arrived a few weeks later. She had been taken in by the charity as her owner had too many cats and couldn't cope — she had a flea allergy, and was bald when she first arrived.

Patch seemed intrigued by her straight away. He would sneak out of his bed to watch her play in the corridor and miaow to get her attention as she walked by.

Moggies find love — and a new home for Valentine’s DayCentre manager Liz Wood said: "We had to try an introduction. Patch was in love from day one, trying to headbutt Seraphine and give her a good groom. For the first time he wasn't running away from us either.

"Seraphine proved happy to spend her days in Patch's pen too — so they moved in together and officially became a pair.

"Patch is still nervous and jumpy, but with Seraphine he is 100-times braver than he used to be, and will come to you for attention.

"He is unrecognisable from the cat he was."

Patch and Seraphine have a happy ending to their love story, as they have recently found a new home — together.