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New home needed for “utter b*****d of a cat”!

New home needed for “utter b*****d of a cat”!

Photo credit: @2017 Rachel Nagy

This cat has developed a bit of a reputation at the Australian rescue centre where staff are trying to find him a new home — for being an “utter b*****d!

The advert on describes two-year-old Mr Biggles, or Lord Bigglesworth to give him his proper title, as an “utter utter b*****d” and a “despot and a dictator” who's favourite activities include "stalking chickens, how to play with a dog and not kill it", "getting what you want from human slaves" and "rip, shred, tear — being firm with boundaries"!

But despite his tough-guy reputation, Mr Biggles also likes cuddles on his terms, and will deign himself worthy to sit in your lap when he feels like it, but be warned — if your cuddles aren't up to scratch you may find yourself on the receiving end of a sharp nip!