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Pure Pet Food launch innovative freeze-dried complete cat food range

Pure Pet Food launch innovative freeze dried complete cat food

Pure Pet Food, the West Yorkshire based company well known for making human-grade dog food, have now launched an innovative range of freeze-dried, complete food for cats.

Pure’s new recipes include 'Surf & Turf' and 'Whisker Lickin’ Chicken'; which both contain 85 per cent meat and fish, mixed with other wholesome and nutritious ingredients such as egg, carrot, spinach, salmon oil and coconut oil, with absolutely no added preservatives or any nasty ingredients such as cereal or animal derivatives.

To serve owners simply add warm water before allowing one to two minutes for the natural freeze-dried ingredients to rehydrate.

“We wanted to create a complete cat food that not only contained the very best quality human grade ingredients, but also offered a low processed alternative to traditional tinned or dry cat food” said Pure co-Founder Mat Cockroft.

Innovative freeze dry technology allows Pure to preserve their ingredients with zero exposure to high temperature and pressure, with zero preservatives. Freeze dried recipes present a convenient way to provide your cat with the goodness of a raw food diet without the prep and with no need to store in a freezer. 

“The pet food industry is largely based around using ingredients not fit for human consumption, processing them heavily and then displaying them in natural packaging to sell to an end consumer. However, cats are carnivores and we believe they thrive on real, minimally processed food, exactly the same as dogs do, which is why we decided to create equally healthy recipes for our feline friends.” Commented fellow Pure co-founder Daniel Valdur Eha.

Pure founders Mat and Dan say they have never been able to understand why, despite the growing interest in healthy eating, pet owners often still feed their animals a highly processed and unnatural diet.

“We are inundated with success stories from owners whose pets suffer with a range of ailments such as sensitive stomachs, itchy skin and fussy eaters. So, after almost a year of research and development from the team and a large number of four-legged taste testers, we are excited to launch our new innovative range and see the same, fantastic results in cats” added Mat.

Readers can take advantage of Pure’s introductory offer, and use the coupon code 'CAT' to get 10 per cent off your first order. Simply add the coupon code when checking out at the Pure Pet Food website.