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Ten traits that make cats irresistible

Ten traits that make cats irresistible

We all know that cats rock our world, but they make our day in so many different ways. Here's our top ten things we love about cats...

  1. Slow blinks – you know you've made it to your cat's “acceptable person” list when he slow-blinks to you.

  2. Head boops – is there anything more satisfying than a cat's head rubbing up against your hand for more fuss?

  3. Purrs – snuggles with a purring cat are the best!

  4. Those hypnotic eyes – you feel as though they're looking right into your soul.

  5. Feeling him wrap himself around your legs – who can resist the loving gesture of trying to trip you up?!

  6. Those cute little chirpy meows they make when they're happy.

  7. They're excellent listeners – no matter what, they'll listen and never judge you.

  8. That silky soft fur – there's something incredibly soothing about stroking his shiny coat.

  9. His little bean toes – they're so cute!

  10. Those cute whiskers – long whiskers just make a cat look so much wiser than you or I.. and of course they are!