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Ten ways cats' lives are better than ours

Ten ways cats' lives are better than ours

Cats live a charmed existence, that's no secret. But while we could list a million reasons why their lives are better than ours, here's just ten of them...

1. Food on demand, any time, anywhere

Even if it's 4am and the bowl is three-quarters full, their pitiful yowls of “I'm staaarrrrrrrving!” are impossible to ignore!

2. Spending all day snoozing

Who wouldn't love a cat nap whenever we feel like it?

3. Being perfectly content with a cardboard box

Simple, yet effective entertainment.

4. Cuddles when you feel like it

But only on their terms mind you!

5. Anything is a toilet

The litterbox, under a hedge, a plant pot, a shoe...anything!

6. All you have to do is come when called and you're given a treat!

Easy peasy!

7. Party time at 3am!

And staying up late isn't a problem when you have the chance to catch up on much needed sleep during the day!

8. Want something?

Simply stare at your human long enough and they'll give in!

9. Cats don't have to worry about jobs...

... paying bills, mortgages or any boring human stresses!

10. Just being a cat and having everyone worship you!