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The Cat Effect

The Cat Effect

Once a cat enters your home and your heart, life will never be the same again - not that we're complaining! Here are our top 10 ways in which becoming a cat owner changes your life...

1. You're never alone again

You face the reality that you'll never get a minute, even a second, to yourself again. Whether it's cleaning, working on the laptop, eating your dinner, or even having a shower - yep, he's there! And we all know closing the door won't help...seconds later, they will be scraping, followed by 'Miaow'! But how could we possibly get bored of seeing that gorgeous face? 

2. You get a new best friend

The world starts to revolve around your feline, and his needs come before anyone else's - as much as you try to kid yourself that's not the case. Even if you have plans to go out, once he's curled up and purring on your lap, you'd better text your mates with a change of plans...he looks so peaceful you couldn't possibly disturb him!

3. You speak cat

You unearth a whole new vocabulary you never knew you had - a special one dedicated to your feline friend. Your cat is also very rarely called by his actual name; instead, you'll invent a host of nicknames, ranging from Snuggles, Cuddles, Pookie and Tibbles to Floofy McFlooferson and Sir Purrsalot!

4. He has more friends than you 


You've become used to the fact that your friends will often invite themselves round - not to see you, but your kitty. And while you and your neighbours get by with a wave and a polite 'hello', the chances are that your feline friend is on first-name basis with them all!

5. You fret

outdoor cat

Even with a super GPS tracker on his collar (which he's bound to lose within hours anyway), you'll still worry when he's been outside slightly longer than usual. The reality is about two seconds later, he's miaowing on the doorstop - while you're wandering the streets, madly shaking his biscuits and calling his name!

6. You have more cat photos then selfies

funny photos of cats

If you see him sleeping in a cute position, this is something that has to be broadcast to the whole household immediately - and if no one is around, you can't miss the opportunity to fill your photo library to show your family and friends later. Eventually you'll find yourself struggling for memory on your smartphone to make way for your feline shots!

7. You understand his 'gifts'

You find yourself becoming less and less horrified by the evidence your feline leaves behind. Before, you would try to combat muddy paw prints, hair, or 'presents' your cat might leave for you, but now you think of them as little mementos to remind you of him. As if you could forget! Anyway who needs a pristine house when you have a cat?

8. You spoil him

cat toys

Shopping trips where you intend to buy items for yourself end up being splurges on toys and treats for your kitty instead.

9. You know who's boss

boss cat

There's no longer a need to worry about who's going to be in charge while you're at work - your kitty well and truly rules the roost.

10. You own all the cardboard 

cats and cardboard

You get super-excited when the delivery man knocks on the door - not because you're keen to see what's inside, but because it means a new cardboard box for your furry friend to play with. Soon enough, all those toys and beds you bought are cast aside for their packaging alone - and don't forget the age-old kitty catchphrase: 'If I fits, I sits!'