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Two cats with unusual facial markings need a home!

Two cats with unusual facial markings need a home!

These two cats have lovely unusual markings on their faces! They also both need new homes and are in the care of cats protection’s National Cat Adoption centre in Sussex.

Jack is a very friendly boy who is quick to run up to you and judging by the little heart on his nose, loves to give you a few kisses! He also really loves having head rubs will happily chat away to you if you wish. He would adore a home with a garden to explore and have fun in. He’s never lived with children or other pets before, but may be ok with either.

The cat with the stripe down her nose is Bertie, a pretty girl who likes attention and being cuddled. She also enjoys playing with toy mice and ping pong balls. Sadly she didn’t get on very well with cats in the previous home so she needs to live in a home without other cats.

To find out more about giving Jack and Bertie a new home, call the centre on 01825 741 330.