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Your Cat’s Cat of the Week – Friday 12th May 2017

This week's top five go to...

5. Cass and Kelty

Sent by Ruth McDougall via email.

Cat of the week

This is Cass our Ragdoll and Kelty when he was a naughty kitten. Cass is such a docile boy and Kelty is the total opposite, full of energy and has a very naughty streak but they keep us all amused with their antics. They would both love to be "cats" of the week

4. Lexi

Sent by Sarah via Twitter. 

Cat of the week

Lexi is my #catoftheweek every week! Here she is modelling the very fashionable new spring line 

3. Merlin

Sent by Mona Chopis via Facebook.

Cat of the week

Merlin says he's maybe a little young for " cat of the week" but he did catch a moth today which he thought was pretty cool

2. Lila

Sent by Georgia Ward via email.

Cat of the week

Lila would love to be cat of the week as she is always up to mischief but always finds time for a photo opportunity. 


1. Rocky

Sent by Sasha Jordan via Facebook.

The Magnificents

Rocky would love to be Cat of the Week. He has recently had a huge operation to remove oral squamous cell carcinoma in his left cheek, part of his jaw and eye socket. His face was rebuilt at world famous Fitzpatrick referrals. Our surgeon successfully got clear margins. This is Rocky the other day enjoying garden time 6 weeks post op. There is hope for many pet parents going through the same thing. It does not need to be a death sentence. He has already helped another with his story. And he will be going for surgery this week. Rocky forms part of the famous cat family - The Magnificants

If you would like your cat to be next week's 'Cat of the Week' simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a picture, and short sentence saying why you think they should be featured.